Inutile; The Prequel

Inutile; The Prequel

A Poem by ReadsAtDances

The prequel to my poem "The Sum of all Gondoliers." I thought the main character needed some backstory. Reviews of this, and the original poem, would be greatly appreciated.

There was once a man named Inutile.
He was very peculiar and known to beguile.
I would not go so far as to call he senile,
but his strangeness was certainly hard to reconcile.

I should take this time to describe Inutile.
In truth, he always smelled slightly vile,
A little bit like rotten bile,
With a nose so large, it could be used as a missile.

As a child, Inutile went into exile
He made his abode in a smelly junk pile.
He soon befriended a social crocodile.
and they went on adventures to the Nile.

He and the croc traveled mile after mile
For they both hated to be immobile.
They decided to search for a new clothing style,
that would fit their unusual profile.

They brought some cloth to compile
But soon it started to become a stockpile.
They tried to sew it into a textile
But they quickly discovered it would take a while.

They decided to give up on this trial
And turn their attention to something more worthwhile.
"We should start a gondola company!" cried Inutile.
The croc didn't say anything because it was a crocodile.

"I'll take that as a yes." said Inutile.
He brought a gondola, which he named the Inutile-Mobile.
He feared that his efforts to start a company would be futile
Since he at times could be hostile.

His gondola company proved to be very fertile,
and he did business with a smile.
His company succeeded for a very long while,
even if his customers were slightly scared of the crocodile. 

To travel around the world in exile,
with only the company of a crocodile,
to start a gondola company that proved worthwhile,
Such is the story of the strange Inutile.

© 2015 ReadsAtDances

Author's Note

Thanks for reading! Reviews and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Haha! I really like the topic of the poem because it reminds me of my childhood. Not being judgemental, I think the rhyming here is a little bit forced. Otherwise, everything else is "croc-king" (cracking) good!

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Yeah, I definitely agree with you about the rhyming. Toward the end, I was running out of words to u.. read more

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A corn field in, IA

Hi! I love to read, and I really want to work on improving my writing. Disclaimer: I don't actually read at dances, as the name implies, but if you get the book reference, I definitely want to talk to.. more..