"By Failing To Prepare, You're Preparing To Fail."-Benjamin Franklin

"By Failing To Prepare, You're Preparing To Fail."-Benjamin Franklin

A Poem by MuSiCFreak8899

A poem I made in my old english class, explaining the meaning of this quote.


 "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

 This quote caught my attention in writing class. Many didn't get it, I however realized the message quite quickly. I think it was clever and very true. Heres my poem:
Life is full of up and downs,
you need to be prepared
or you'll miss something before you would try
to catch with a desire
only to be pushed back
as if someone slapped you in the face
Everywhere you go, there is a chance to fail
and a chance to soar
Be organized and neat
you'll get what you want
if messy and unprepared,
your walking the path of stress, failure and sadness
Picture two students,
one studying for an upcoming test
the other playing video games
when the day comes to get the test back,
the student who was prepared for the test aced it with flying colors
and the student who played video games had a lot of explaining to do to their parents
You need to be ready for what comes ahead
you can't always get a do-over.


© 2009 MuSiCFreak8899

Author's Note

Credits to Benjamin Franklin and my old english teacher :)

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Added on August 21, 2009
Last Updated on August 21, 2009



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