A Friend for Life

A Friend for Life

A Story by Reddog19

Wrote this when my friend got a concussion and began to lose her memory. To her.

Hey friend,
Heard you fell today,
Down the high school stairs,
Hitting your head.
You know, you shouldn't do that.
You should know better than to
trip and fall,
But some of our best memories
Are from those moments.

Hi pal,
Just wanted to say
I miss you.
I miss seeing you
and remembering everything we did.
I miss our sleepovers,
Our camping trips,
Our time together. 
Though you may not remember,
But you are my best friend.

Hello buddy,
Wish you could be here now,
But you're in bed,
Sleeping the days away.
I wish I could be there with you,
To comfort you
When you wake up,
that you don't have any friends.
I'm always here.

Hola mi amiga,
Hope you remember all the 
Good times we've had.
Ren and Stimpy,
Facebook photo tagging wars,
Girl Scout camps,
All those memories.
I've not forgotten.
Greetings, bud.
I saw you again today,
You showed emotion
And, though you were sad,
I sighed relief
Because emotion is necessary
For recovery.
Though you tried to banish me,
I stayed,
Never to leave your side.
Nor will I ever.

To my dearest friend,
I pray for you,
And will keep praying 
Until you're well again.
Don't forget me, 
For you are my life,
my love,
my one and only.
We are each other's
Anchors in our
storms of life.
Life is too short
To not care.
Life is too short
To keep thinking
That people don't
Care about you.
Because I do,
And always will.

Semper fidelis.

© 2014 Reddog19

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Added on April 8, 2014
Last Updated on April 14, 2014

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