No Name Lane

No Name Lane

A Poem by Ms.Rhodes

When I was 18 I lived in the Dope House and the name of the house was the name of the street it was on. These are Lyrics to a song I wrote. The name of the house is hidden within the lines.

No Name Lane
By M. Rhodes

Hiding in caves.
The room, the place that keeps you safe.
Running a circle,
The spiral never changes shape.
The mat says welcome to,
The home of beating hearts disgrace,
Attempting hands that hold you,
From making your greatest mistake.
Your greatest mistake.

Beautiful junkie and beautiful disease.
Beautiful junkie, when the satisfying starts to cease.
She cant remember much but dreams of life to be.
Beautiful Junkie begs to Breathe.

Warrent embrace,
Brag on times they all were forced to wait.
A life of revel.
And hands that feed the Devil.
Jackals of the Branch disciples,
messengers who wont go out to play.
Medicated wasted cells,
You only hope to still remain.
When death is a game.

Beautiful junkie, beautiful rush.
Beautiful junkie has a terrible touch.
Creature of habit, addict,
Ones too many but never enough.
Beautiful Junkie lives on planets destined to erupt.

This is not my home.
Leave me alone.
If God could make a cameo.

Beautiful junkie, numbering days.
Beautiful junkie drops to her knees and prays.
Escaping dying, lying, dirty rooms and coded names.
This beautiful junkie will walk home, all alone, in the rain.

© 2013 Ms.Rhodes

Author's Note

It makes more sense with music, I am not very good at spelling or grammar
but this is the songs lyrics.

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These are actually lyrics to an actual song I wrote.
One of my favs :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

An interesting poem...Thank you for penning...:)......................................

Posted 6 Years Ago

Thank you, that means a lot :) !
I don't share a lot of my writings so this is my first time exposing them, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Posted 6 Years Ago

These are some really emotive lyrics and I would love to hear them with music. I love the phrase

"Running a circle,
The spiral never changes shape."

That caused some powerful imagery in my mind. Thanks for Sharing :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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