Look at Me

Look at Me

A Story by RiverofDreams

Really part of My Superman, but i edited it to stand on its own - for the most part.... just a short cute first kiss between Zach and Aaron


The tears had never stopped streaming down my face; they only merely slowed down for a moment as he wiped them away.  I looked directly into his green eyes, and for the first time, they weren't that difficult to read.  It was as if he was letting it all go, letting his guard all the way down, and letting me in. He pulled me into a hug, unsuspected, but amazing nevertheless. As his strong arms held me close to his skin, I breathed in the smell of his cologne, not to bold, but not to subtle either, just perfect, like him. His height was never an issue either, although he was a good four inches shorter than me, he seemed so much taller.


“Your brother may not always be there, but I will be,” his voice was sincere, and kind, and beautiful. “I want to be your superman, Zach, I have from the day I met you,”


I was trying to process what he was saying. This was a whole other side of Aaron that was laid out in front of me; the joking, sarcastic side was gone, completely gone. I realized then that that side of Aaron was a cover, a mask, for what was really inside.


“You are an amazing person, Zach, and don’t let anybody tell you differently.” Then he paused and we sat there in silence for a moment, until he told me, “Zachary Hansen, you have the most gorgeous eyes.” Then just like that, he kissed me. And I kissed back, with all I had. It was soft, and sweet and kind. And perfect, in every single way. I finally grasped what he'd  been telling me all along, I would never be truly alone. It seemed like hours until our lips parted, but only for a quick second as we both held massive smiles on our faces, until like magnets, they were pulled back together again. 

© 2011 RiverofDreams

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Beautiful and moving story. Love it!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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