Relativity of time and space

Relativity of time and space

A Story by Panhead Rod

Rod's lifetime journey in a nutshell

In my lifetime I have lived over 25,550 days here on Earth.
My heart has beaten over 2 billion 943 million beats...
I have seen 17 Leap years...while spinning at over 1000 MPH,
and flying at 66,666.6666666 miles per hour around the sun,
or 584,000,000 miles per year...
So I have had the privilege of travelling over 40,880,000,000 
miles through our galaxy...
I have been a part of two new lives beginning their journey, 
and witnessed them each bring new life into our world...
Have been blessed by the loves of my life in so many ways...
I have also been blessed by the friendships of my family, my 
friends, my fellow riders, fellow writers, and co-workers...
Was honored to own my own business for fourteen years, 
and having really terrific employees and customers...
I am feeling blessed that I could still afford to have a home...
Been able to eat well, which explains my well roundedness...
I have been fortunate, so far anyway, of never filing bankruptcy...
Been nearly declared legally dead twice in my lifetime...
(talk about counting my blessings...)...
I have riden around 300,000 miles on two wheels, which isn't 
nearly as many as I wished for... But still blessed I can do that...
(btw: Not done with that yet, just on hold while fixing problems)...
So as far as time and relativity goes... 
there's no need to look backwards,
I couldn't see that far anywho...
I will keep looking forward with hopes for better days for us all...
May you all experience life in ways that bring miles of smiles...
Panhead Rod Hatter

© 2023 Panhead Rod

Author's Note

Panhead Rod
I find it amazing how our lives take us through journeys we are not even aware of on a regular basis.

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I enjoyed this "ride" through parts of your life, which in many ways, sounds much like my own. May the rest of your road be bump-free, and may that pan head start by no more than three kicks.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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1 Review
Added on September 1, 2023
Last Updated on September 1, 2023
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Panhead Rod
Panhead Rod

Florence, OR

My name is Rod Hatter, aka: Panhead Rod, and I enjoy writing traditional poetry, verse, prose, haiku, stories, songs and "old school" biker poetry. I have been called many things... Dad, soul mate, dr.. more..