Found Wanting

Found Wanting

A Poem by Rory CJ Frankson

Uncalled for arrogance that the some may lend, I respond angrily


























Ah, the hollow crave...

Force the line, to save the pain as it wonders

meanders... through. That slippery slide.

Engrained, is its indifference rendered.

That mocks and talks, two sides. Toss the coin!

Choose to lose the gains, heft your banners

splatter, and say. It mattered?

Dare the difference, and drain the dread...

come on! Scream at the Seams.

Splendid Karma, drama drips opulently tepid

Dharma, as all is held. To be integral.

Laughter to be heard, as the parade pass

crassly ignorant, sophistication’s.

Bitter patter best get at'er, shakes the rattler

before it strikes. It's whoa begone friend.

Pretence the shock, is only stock and trade.

Made, in the shade. Just for you...

This promise, bends the corners to peek through

shadows, with the eyes of the multitudes.

Blessings at the alter, falter...

That's the plan, Stan. I'm the man! Toss the coin?

Your fame, predeceases you... I'm waiting.


























To take a moment and explain this just little, I was surfing through profiles and had come across a woman that had suffered extreme abuse. It was heart rending, in that her literary skills where very minimal, though it was obvious that she was seeking compassion and a way out of a horrible place.

She had but one review I read after this plea for understanding, this man stated he was a psychologist and I won't even repeat what this person had stated in that review. Other than to say it infuriated me it was so negative and arrogant. I was mortified that this person had such lack of compassion, I went to his page to post how ignorant I thought that review was, and discovered that thankfully. This persons page was closed and he was no longer posting here. As well his closing statement about WC was just as ignorant and cutting.


I wrote this poem to maybe help me to feel better. Just happy he is no longer here to put such hurtful things in review, convinced this pseudo person was no councillor and hope his world finds a lot of crashing down upon his head! Whatever you put out there, it will come back to you...

That's Karma.

© 2011 Rory CJ Frankson

Author's Note

Rory CJ Frankson
We are all here to explore the world of writing and at whatever level that we bring to offer it up to the reading and review. We all deserve dignity and respect, and to be hurtful just for the sake of ego... is shameful. No matter how simple the writing may appear, there is a person with feelings, attatched to it.

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Well I dont much care what the rhyme or reason was for you writing this, I truely love it, outstanding poetry, Some people are so far up themselves and still think they smell roses. but the worst thing is when they bring down with words spoken to a gentle heart that shatters with each word, there used like projectiles aimed quite carefully to do the most damage. (PRICKS) Thanks Rory for this poetry

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Normally, The author's blurb or note drains the mystery out of the piece.
I cried reading the f*****g poem, then cried again at the explanation.
A place where we can come to vent on lonliness or decay or an illusion of 'peeking through the corners' of someone's life but not open enough to see the entire thing. How could we? Only the little flashes of light we get in the process, or the goddamn darkness.
The mock of simplicity in the Woebegone to Whoa begone is a kick in the literary nuts.
We are the crassly ignorant parade, no matter what the reviews and interviews say, bud.

Some come here throw on the boxing gloves and duke it out with shadows
mocks and talks
This should be on the front page before some jackal makes a page and shoots needle holes into someone's s**t.
And people wonder why other countries still chop hands off.

I salute you sir

Posted 12 Years Ago

Many emotive strands are thread here. I have seen what you are placing within the light. Ego does indeed find no home among the creative. As well, the creative have every right to be read, to be heard and to shine in their own time. It is good that this ego egg you had discovered chose to pop and begone like burnt corn.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Rory CJ Frankson
Rory CJ Frankson

Vernon, British Colombia, Canada

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