The Place, The Poetry, The Promise

The Place, The Poetry, The Promise

A Poem by Meh

One of the best poems I've ever written, probably because it was the closest. I'll explain what it means in my last notes at the bottom of the page. I never forgot... even if he did.



How could I have not known
Of places reaped and sown
That what-so-ever hath taken place,
I could not agree?
For winding river roads
And ancient class poetry
Could not have told the story
Of the old and wandering me.
Hath so ever seen
The day of mourning light
As it sheds its lonely tears of darkness
Upon the sober liveliness of night?
Thou hast promised me�"
For I would have known�"
The place where you have kept the poetry
The place which I call only but my own.
Four thou hast heavily promised me
To the place where the poetry has sown�"
Deep within my own heart,
Deep within my soul.
But a promise not kept
Is wept among the gods,
In whom I do not believe.
For what-so-ever you have done to my heart,
Make haste�"
For once again,
I am beginning to believe!
Thou hath not sown poetry
To a place thou promised me:
Within my own heart,
Within my soul,
To the place where I have forgotten thee.

© 2010 Meh

Author's Note

Long story to this... and if my friend whom this poem is about is reading this, please listen carefully; it will explain my feelings (why you would care how I feel about you now I dont know, but you know writing is my main way to get my feelings about problems out. So here it is). I will explain every part of this poem.

Lines 1-4: "How could I have gone out with the man I once loved after all of this has happened and now I see who he truly is?"

Lines 5-8: "I've told this story many times during my journey in life (winding river roads... ancient class poetry), but the people who have heard my story haven't really understood my pain as I have."

Lines 9-12: Has anyone felt how happy I had felt throughout the day and night when I first found someone I loved? (Line 12 actually contains a paradox, sober liveliness, which is used to show my conflicting emotions of passion and excitement. Mourning is spelled like the word mourning, not as morning, to show the sorrow I feel, so its not a typo error.)

Lines 13-20: You promised to love me with all your heart, and I believed you. (In this part of the poem, the meanings of the place, poetry, and promise is revealed. The place is my heart, the poetry is my romantic relationship/love for my now ex-boyfriend, and the promise was his promise to love me.

Lines 21-23: You did not keep your promise to love me, and you changed my life dramatically. (Lines have a double meaning, as in I cannot believe you didnt keep your promise and that, I do not believe in God/the gods because how could they place me in such cruel distress? Yeah, dramatic, I know. It could also mean, I question the idea of God/the gods because I of all the pain that has happened unto me.)

Lines 24-27: Whatever you have done to hurt me by our breakup, it does not matter, because I am beginning to heal. (By the line, for I am beginning to believe means that I am beginning to believe that there is hope to get over this challenge of my first breakup)

Lines 28-32: You did not love me with all your heart as you promised. Now, in my heart, I have forgotten and forgiven you... now I can move on. (That explanation kinda says it all, doesnt it?)

I believe its beautifully crafted poem, one that shows my growing maturity in both life and my writing. Its definitely one of the poems Im most proud of, better than I Shall Hate You No Longer or anything else Ive ever written in my life ;)
And one last thing, the poem is about my first romantic relationship and it explains our breakup drama. I feel some kind of betrayal that he promised to love me, but then lost the love for me. And I call it love, because when I was in the relationship, I thought we were in love, but it was actually infatuation, now that it is all over. I was young and naive, and thought it was love we felt for each other.
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to review this... I always want you feedback on what you think it means and what I can to do fix it and make it better. Your support and reviews are always welcome. Thank you. :)

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It's a beautiful piece. Thanks for explaining what it meant to you, but it's a great write in that not only did you write what was in your life and in your heart, but many people will be able to convey your words to what's going on in their lives and in their hearts. Very well done!

Posted 11 Years Ago

This in itself without your explaination is a small masterpiece. You so fluently speak of a relationship that went wrong, as many do in life. Your visuals and metaphors enhance the poetic work. You penned your inner most feelings and worked through your emotional turmoil with this writing. Keep your talented pen moving and creating more works for the word lovers of the world.

Posted 11 Years Ago

an amazing poem and an awesome way to show how you feel! I thoroughly enjoyed this, and liked it even more after reading your explanation. Thank you dearly for the read request, keep it up!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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this is amazing

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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