Shut The F**k Up!

Shut The F**k Up!

A Poem by Sad Penguin

Either quit bitching or do something about it. Nothing fancier then that. I'm tired of your s**t. So..... Shut the f**k up!


I'm going to scrape the iris off your eyes
I'm going to piss down your throat and watch your demise
Your death is the only way to heal my cries
A hundred stabs to relieve my sighs

Don't wonder why
Forget false hope
Gagging through the final moments
On my piss, you choke

Forget the loving embracing man you once knew
Tired of the same old f*****g s**t you put me through
If you're so unhappy, why won't you die
You talk about it all the time
You're living a lie

It pisses me off to hear those words
When I wanted to die, I WANTED to die.
I kept to myself, I didn't bring others down
I'm tired of your bitching, here's a 9mm round

Shove it down your throat
It's now or never
I'm f*****g through being the b***h
Pull the lever

I want to watch you bleed
I don't want to hear you suffer
I want to see you never breathe
A hatred brewed like no other

Quit bitching when you refuse to take steps
Steps to improve your life
Quit making everything a contest
We all live a s****y life

The only difference
You make mine worse
Shut the f**k up
Eat your desert
You bring the tool
I'll bring the hearse

© 2012 Sad Penguin

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Compartment 114
Compartment 114

Author's Note

Sad Penguin
No signs or anything. Just saying knock it off and do something about the problem instead of nothing but complaining.

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Added on July 1, 2012
Last Updated on July 1, 2012


Sad Penguin
Sad Penguin


I'm a male in my twenties who is currently going through a rough patch. More than two years ago, I have been diagnosed with the following: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depression, Agoraph.. more..