Additional ending to the book "Buried Onions"

Additional ending to the book "Buried Onions"

A Story by xSamilynnx

After Eddie had learned the horrible truth about Angel, he decided to join the military.  He didn’t want to stay in Fresno any longer, but he didn’t know where else to go.  He also wanted to make something of whatever life he had left.  After about three years of working hard, finishing every mission assigned to his group, doing so without losing even one man, and climbing his way to Master Sergeant, he was given an additional mission to complete alone.  He wasn’t given much information, only that he needed to locate a cabin and kill whoever is inside, no matter who or what it is and to burn it to the ground.  He was also informed that it was in the middle of a spectacularly large forest in the Rocky Mountains.

                Several days into his new mission, he got lost looking for this cabin.  He didn’t see how they could just drop him off in the woods and expect him to know which cabin it was that he had to destroy.  A few days later, after coming to the conclusion he was lost and would eventually die in the frostbiting cold, he came across what seemed like the hundredth cabin.  He could see a family cleaning the inside.  A little boy looked out the window and saw Eddie.  The boy must’ve told his family because the rest, the parents, a boy, and a beautiful girl, looked out the window at him.  The father came out and asked what Eddie was doing wandering the woods when it’s so dark and cold out.  He explained that he was in the military, leaving out, of course, that he was sent to destroy a cabin.  The man took him inside and introduced him to his family.  The little boy who had seen him first was Jack, who was five years old. Mason, their oldest son, was twelve.  Their daughter Annabelle had just turned twenty.

                It was the third day that Eddie had stayed at the house and things started getting strange.  Annabelle and he had gotten close.  Mason saw this and was very unhappy about it.  The father decided to take Eddie out with him to look for firewood and food.  Before they left, Mason whispered something in Eddie’s ear.  His eyes widened and his face turned as pale as a ghost.  Then he started to laugh and kissed Annabelle.  The two men left the other four members of the family members.  When they got back, Eddie noticed that Jack was missing and the mother was crying.  He asked Annabelle what happened and she said, “What do you mean?  I’m pretty sure it’s just been the three of us since you came here.”  He looked at mason, who gave him a pleading look.  Eddie was scared.

                “What happened to the little boy?  I know there were three kids when I came.  Your father introduced me to him.  He was the one who told you guys I was standing outside.  Are you trying to play a prank on me,” Eddie asked, nervously and annoyed.  The family seemed to ignore his cries and he soon gave up.  He couldn’t sleep that night.  He kept tossing and turning, thinking about how a family could forget about a child?  He turned over and woke up Annabelle.  He told her what Mason had whispered in his ear and asked about Jack.  She said,” My little brother has a wild imagination” and went back to sleep.  He turned over to see what time it was.  He jumped when he saw Mason standing next to him.

                “I warned you,” he said “but you didn’t think it was true.  I told you what she was going to do.  You still didn’t stay away from her.  I’m sorry this happened, Eddie.  I tried to save you.”  Before Eddie could speak, a knife plunged into his back.  He felt the heat of his body trying to protect itself, and the sharp point of the knife deep inside his chest now.  Then he felt nothing at all.  He couldn’t move . He took his last breathe and limply fell to the side.  Annabelle pushed him off the bed like a rag doll.  She turned to her little brother standing at the edge of the bed.

                “Why couldn’t he have stayed? I liked him.  Do you have to keep hurting them,” said mason through his tears.

                “He was sent to hurt us.  Just like the others.  Now clean up this mess and go to bed.”

                With that, Mason picked up Eddies lifeless arms and drug him away from the room. Annabelle laid back down and fell asleep in the blood soaked sheets.

© 2013 xSamilynnx

Author's Note

I had to write an additional ending for a book and i thought id post it since i havent posted in a while

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Dang! That's good! :D I love it! Pretty creative! Lol! Mine was about Eddie dieing in the navy and his mom went to his funeral and couldn't handle it so she decided to commit sucidie because she felt that she had nothing else to live for.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

lol cool n thanks ^__^ you should let me read it

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