Still Doll

Still Doll

A Story by Ashimoto

A doll that wishes to become human because he falls in love with his owner: a human girl.

    Once upon a time, there was a little boy doll that lived inside of a doll house. He was a cute doll, sewn by a little girl’s grandmother as a gift before she died. He was the little girl’s prized possession. Everyday she would seat him at a little table will the other dolls and serve him tea. She often talked to him and eventually, he fell in love with her.
    “Katie! Time for lunch!” the little girl’s mother would call from downstairs.
    “May Leon eat with us?” Katie asked.
    “Sure.” the mother said.
    Katie grabbed the doll, named Leon, and headed downstairs.
    Leon was very observant for a doll. He learned many things from just watching the family at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The father would be complaining and criticizing the mother on her cooking, the mother would be taking the complaints without question with her head handing from shame, and Katie would be talking to Leon and eating contently. From what he observed, this family was dysfunctional and were discontent from their lives.
    One day…
    “Can’t you do anything right?!” the father yelled and backhanded his wife.
    She cried out in pain and stayed down to avoid being hit again.
    Katie stayed in her room, holding onto Leon with all her might and sobs choking out form her throat. This life wasn’t right for Katie, Leon felt sorry for the girl that he loved so much. She showed him nothing but love and kindness and yet he couldn’t do anything for her. Oh how he wished to be human, so he could protect her form the evils of the world.
    And when her father would finish beating her mother, he would head upstairs because it would be Katie’s turn to get beat for her mother’s undoing, even though none of them did anything wrong.
    One thing to know about Katie, was that she was stronger than her mother. Her mother would stay down after being hit once, but Katie stood up after every time. She wanted to let her father know that she was strong, and that she wouldn’t give up. However, this didn’t even faze her father. He just beat her more savagely and left when he thought she had enough. This pained Leon for he never wanted to see her get hurt.
    After the beating, Katie would take Leon in her hands and say, “Someday, Leon, we’ll be able to leave this place. I’m going to take you and my mother and we will move to another country where we can be free.” And with that said, she would cry herself to sleep.
    Leon was in her arms as she slept. He stared out of the window and saw a shooting star. He wished to become human, so he could protect Katie.
    The next day came along, Katie woke up without Leon in her arms. She jumped out of her bed and looked all over for him. When she couldn’t find him, she sulked all the way to the kitchen.
    “Sweetie?” her mother’s frail voice asked, “Are you okay?”
    “I can’t find Leon.” Katie sighed.
    “That stupid doll you always carry around?” her father looked up from his paper.
    Katie mumbled something and her father said, “What was that?!”
    “I said ‘He’s not stupid’!” Katie screamed and ran up the stairs and into her room.
    “Get back here!” her father ran after her.
    When Katie got into her room, she locked the door and prayed that he wouldn’t get the key. She turned around and saw a boy in her room. He had black hair, tan skin, and a skinny body. His body contracted with her blonde hair, pale skin, and chubby body.
    “Who are you?” Katie asked. He did look awfully familiar…
    “Katie.” the boy said, “Let’s run away together. To another country, where we can be safe. Your mother can come as well.”
    “Really?” Katie asked.
    The boy extended out his hand. Katie was reluctant to take it, but a loud banging at her door made her take the boy’s hand.
    “May I ask your name?” Katie asked.
    “My name?” the boy asked.
    “Yes.” Katie urged him, “Your name.”
    “My name is…” the boy began, “…Leon.”

© 2010 Ashimoto

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this is great not sure i could pick up any misstakes but i'm bad at grammar myself

Posted 7 Years Ago

aw it was so cute i was crying it was sad but the end made you just want to cry for her in happiness great amazing job :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is really cute. Please continue it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

That's...cute. I'd like to read how badass Leon is though.

Posted 9 Years Ago

wow you should continue it because it was awezome

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Aww. I hope this continues! So cute.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Still Doll Still Doll

A Book by Ashimoto