Everything's Going to be Okay

Everything's Going to be Okay

A Poem by Elizabeth

Bipolar father, keeping his daughter away, not noticing it's his daughter. It breaks her heart to see her dad being someone else, because of her mothers car accident last year. Will things get better?


"Everything's Going to be Okay"

by: E.D.



I feel a tug on my arm.

No no, let me go.

Please don't hurt me, it's me,

your only hope.


I then feel tape on my lips.

Let me go. I whisper to nothing but the wind.

I just want to be set free.

Free from the manipulations of my own blood.


I feel the heart break; I've been through for the last four years.

The heart break that no one can like. but despise.


How did you turn to this?

Who made you like this?

Was it because of mom's accident she had last year?


I feel the sticky burn tears stinging my eyes.

I blink once or twice.

I see the blurriness fade away.

I then see you walking away.


Where are you going? I ask.

But, no one replies.


I take the tape away from my lips.

Ready to set the hole in my heart free.

I want to be spoken, not left behind.


I walk towards your room.

I open up the door and see you sitting alone.

I sit in-front of you.

You never look in my eyes.

And I can't help but cry.


I grab both of your hands, and lace them with mine.

You open up your eyes.

I see them popping out from the cries.


I smile weakly at you.

Nothing will change that I'm here for you.

You need to let me know what you're feeling.

Because these feelings your keeping, won't make your heart beep.


You smile back.

With hope and apologies on your eyes.

I know this is isn't what you wanted.

You never thought it'd get this far.


You pull me up and embrace me in your arms.

I hug you tighter and hold you close.

Out of everything, you're my father and I love you for who you are.


Everything's going to be okay...someday.





©copyright 2010 all rights reserved




© 2010 Elizabeth

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Added on June 8, 2010
Last Updated on June 23, 2010
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