A Poem by Smwtdmgd

What really is money?
If I work my a*s off through my blood and sweat,
I have earned that money!
Simple life with a simple job, no cons and regret,
No matter how low it is, it is my money!
Hard work for my small family,
Not letting them down but sacrificing my own wills,
Just to feed our belly. Oh! I have to work hard for money!

Woman walking by on silent alley by midnight,
After she got angry with her boyfriend and a fight,
She must have been fed up. Let down,
But she was one of the riches from a filthy town.
She got mugged and raped, violently!
Did the rapist really earned the money?
Was she really worth it, to be left in solitary?

Our government get donations from all around the world,
We pay all kind of taxes as of the numerous promises they swore!
They feed upon our lives and their lies,
As we chose them, now this one seems a little more wise.
Robbery,Misery, Murder,Surrender,
Bribe in the name of Tribe.
Were we all worth it for the sake of money?

Banks promise to save our livelihood,
As we trust them with our savings.
The riches invest and the needy gets interest.
While the stock market's shares rise up and down,
The needy's life here, shaken upside down!
They blame the government as our our heads get scrambled,
They laugh sitting on their thrones with what they gambled!
Now, all the trust and money really worth it?

Some start late, some get left behind,
They say friends are forever, all of it, Nevermind!
One helps another,
In terms of money of course!
They say, pay me later,
But when exactly the timing is bad, they play it by force!
Was all this worth it for just a sake of paper currency?

© 2018 Smwtdmgd

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Added on October 13, 2018
Last Updated on October 13, 2018



Kathmandu, Nepal

don't know what I am or what I was...still trying to figure it out...lot goes on my mind...non-stop! from a small country Nepal living in to smoke a lot of weed! love the loneliness but.. more..

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