Who are we?

Who are we?

A Story by Kanani

I often am troubled filling out "about me" boxes. This is a journal I did for AP English when my teacher asked "Who are You?"


We all get the question often, "Who are you?". We will list it in our "About Me" on Writers Cafe. We list our age, grade, job, or hobbies. How can I possibly be defined as a person, from this list of boring facts? It does not tell you anything about me. They are not me.

First off, I have no idea who I am. I'm only 16, and this may be a silly cliche among teenagers, "trying to discover who you really are", but perhaps it's a cliche for it's truth for majority of us. Trying to find out exactly who we really are, and accept ourselves as people. Perhaps we are all afraid of being judged, we are all so much more than our appearance. This is just our shell to our soul.

My name is Sarah. Although at times i don't feel like it. There are 786,542 people in the United States named Sarah. Not to mention the 354,563 people named Sara. That is over a million people who turn there heads when they hear my name. Who I am is not my name.

We are all consciousness. We are emotions, thoughts, and feelings. I am not golden skin, brunette hair, pink lips, or chocolate eyes. I am the glow of my skin. I am the wind in my hair. I am the words out of my lips. I am the wonder behind my eyes. I am persistent, determined, and strong-willed. I am love, I am sensitivity, I am affection. What people see on the outside does not define who I am. I am hidden underneath that. Everyone is hidden, although everyone is there. 

Everyone and everything is connected by one thing; energy. The world does not strain to spin, the grass does not struggle to grow, we do not battle to breathe. Everything comes naturally, and in the same sense, who we are is already there. Personally, I just have to find her, this foreign being. Not in the mirror, or stream, or window. For who we are is our passion and soul, and I have to discover her inside myself, before I can begin to explain what is still alien to me.

© 2010 Kanani

Author's Note

honest thoughts and opinions :) ill return the favor<3

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I can understand where you are coming from.
I was a teen too once.
Feeling alone, despite being surrounded by people.
Or In a class room but no one remembers you're there.
You just got to speak up, hold your head up high and do what you enjoy.
Coz how you chose to live your life makes you different and uique from anyone else.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Kula, HI

My name is Sarah Kanani, I live in Hawaii. I hate it here... I am 16 years old, counting down the days till I'm 18, then time can slow down again :) I love writing, hence, I have this account... I.. more..

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