A Poem by Sarah Giancola

 She's looking around, she feels so alone
She doesn't know why, she just wants to go home
There's people around her, she knows them all
But somehow they don't see her, she seems invisible

Walking around, her dreams fall to pieces
She's shaking them all, but they still remain clueless
They're looking stright at her, she's screaming & yelling
Can't they hear her frantic crying? Why aren't they helping?

Pulled in a world with much self-indulgence
Slowly realizing there's not much a difference
Between reality and fantasy, when you're down & dejected
And nothign can feel as if it can be so demented

Patting her own shoulder she walks the hall of shame
Giving up on everything, making herself feel the pain
She trips on the pieces of her broken dreams
Falling on her own shreads, nothing is what it may seem.

Trying so hard to open her eyes
Struggling & scared, she strats to cry
She doesn't want to be taken away
Yelling, she pleads for one more day

Looking ahead, she sees her reflection
It seems so much happpier without all the tention
She reaches out her hand to herself
As she does, all turn to hell

She's lost in a maze of people, she knows them
But they don't seem to notice her, like they'd rather stare at a wall
Not knowing why, she's walking right through them
Her mind wonders, she can't find herself

A tear slowly glides, as she wonders why
Why she's like this, wishing it were only in her mind
She starts to run, but she can't feel the floor
Reaching out her arm, she still can't reach the door

Maybe nobody knows, maybe that's why she's confused
She's getting paler, cold blood starts running through
Her eyes are shutting now, it's darker than before
The darkness takes away her soul, and so she breathes no more.

© 2008 Sarah Giancola

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Added on December 28, 2008


Sarah Giancola
Sarah Giancola

Montreal, Canada

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