A Poem by Sarah Giancola

 Dear Diary,

Today I saw myself, in the mirror, and I cried.
I punched the mirror three times, bleeding.
I f*****g hate myself, I hate this life
Can't believe I'm still alive.
There were times when I felt okay
Not too long ago, it seemed so fine
Like everything was getting better
And I'd never have to write this letter...
But now, now I feel like I want to cry
A million tears for them, then die
They are the dreamers, the fakers,
The non-believers.
I've been crying every day, but nobody knows.
My father doesn't care
My mother doesn't show.
She told me everyone goes through pain
And that I'll look back on it and laugh
Realize they were all funny mistakes...
But my father telling me he loves me
Seconds later trying to kill me...
Doesn't make me believe.
I'm looking at myself again
Lost some weight, maybe I can be a model.
And be another faker in this world.
Crying, crying, crying.
I can't stop f*****g crying.
All this damned pain I feel
No one here to make it heal.
I f*****g hate this
This forsaken lie.
I punched the mirror again
But there's no more glass to break
Only wounds to mend.

Someone stop this, stop me.
One more day of this bullshit
I'll have to leave this insanity...


© 2008 Sarah Giancola

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review bullshit aside -

Believe me. It gets better.
a year ago if you told me that, I'd say f**k you dude, you dont understand. What I'm going through is completely different than you.

but TRUST ME. once you grow up and realize life sucks a whole lot f*****g worse than your dad beating up on you every once in a while, youg et over some s**t.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on December 28, 2008


Sarah Giancola
Sarah Giancola

Montreal, Canada

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