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You are free to live within the confines of existing law be it universal law or earthly laws or just be unlawful.

I keep asking humanity this question:  If it is the ruler of this world is evil and the overseer of all the institutions therein namely education, health/medicine, law, religion and the various forms of entertainment (media, sports, music etc.) wouldn't they all hold some degree of defiance even deception?  With this in mind the possibility of finding the ultimate truth on many matters could prove to be a complex and intricate ordeal.  Being conditioned through multiple mediums to be sociable beings, we need to have our belief system validated by society and accepted by a group even the masses.  We may come across a concept unheard of by may just dismiss the finding due to lack of written support or negative feedback on revealing the findings to another mind controlled individual.  If we are willing to look at the world for what it is we may quickly begin to realize that we are continually hoodwinked into believing a barrage of lies with deep descending roots supported by centuries of created deception so that truth is buried or made difficult to find.  The fact of the matter is that this knowledge is suppressed so that if seen or made known to the average individual it would be perceived as utter madness, conspiracy theories or just plain old lies. So it apparent then that we do have ears with which we are not hearing, eyes that are not seeing that which within plain view. 
By virtue of the laws that rule nations a man is a free agent owning free will. Yet this free will is tempered by choices that surround us every day. You are free to live within the confines of existing law be it universal law or earthly laws or just be unlawful.  But one must admit that even in that unlawful fervor there is control and laws that must be heeded to be successfully unlawful.  to hinge upon the gradient of permissible and not permissible is a border line that many have crossed to accomplish whatever deed they have set out upon.  This world is networked in such a way that to be awesome in any avenue you must take a bit of either side to have your way. This is the way it is and who in their own awesomeness can change any of it when the foundations of the earth seem to have been built upon the duality of our choices even our nature?  
It is plain to ascertain then, that a certain thing may be desired but to achieve it one may have to sacrifice a bit of their innate self to attain what they want.  Similarly to capture the allegiance of species even nations a superior being would grant duality along with the already existing free will.   Then, in such an instance you are free to partake of the offerings before you and accept responsibility for it or be free to walk a continuous path that is sure to see one being railroaded time and time again. Could anyone maintain the path of a saint continuously in every way?  Still then there are people who are wicked and who are good but both sides would have taken a piece of the other side for several reasons, namely revenge, pride, to escape poverty, seduction etc.
All this is to say the truth is there, but clearly if you see it you may not believe it probably because you don't want to it doesn't fit your purpose at this time or you just don't care to know of it.  But let me say to anyone with the eye to see and the ear to listen: Do not turn your back on what you have found for it is by constant revelations a revolution will begin.  Keep the discoveries close and keep expounding on it so that when there is the revealing of truth your findings won't find you wanting, for it would have already found it's way as a treasure in your heart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

© 2017 Sathyum

Author's Note

Do not turn your back on what you have found for it is by constant revelations a revolution will begin.

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Added on June 14, 2017
Last Updated on June 14, 2017
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Mayaro, Trinidad West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago

I am a believer in the spirituality of man. Therefore my writings revolve around these things of the esoteric nature as we all continue to seek the true self. more..