Prolouge: 'My Light, She is Mine.'

Prolouge: 'My Light, She is Mine.'

A Chapter by RedRozeNinja13

Who is it that decides what is right- and what is wrong? Who decides what life is, and what life isn’t? I watch people walk by me everyday- walking by this museum, where we sit on pedestals, on high columns, on ledges- everywhere- and they ask each other these questions every day. The humans. They always say, “Well, god would, obviously.” or “Well duh, Stone isn’t alive.” I don’t think the humans realize how wrong they are. How they torment us in our forever-paralyzed forms, condemned to perpetually crane our heads or bend our arms or to even just look happy- whatever we were doing during the freeze (that’s what we call it now, the freeze) that is the position we are now locked into- for all eternity. I pity some of the others- the silly ones who decided to remove their clothes or make a face- but then….they are the ones that the human artists enjoy drawing the most. So in a way- they are the least lonely. I think myself one of the lucky ones- For from my perch, and the angle of my head, I can see him.

His name is Adir, “Strong, Mighty”, with his sword ever lifted towards the sky, rain or shine, the handsome cut of his face always set the same way. His wings ever spanned. Sometimes- if I use my imagination, I can trick myself into believing I can still hear his enchanting voice as he shouted at god  for how unfair he was being. He was the apple of every female angel’s eye- But he’s mine now. I’m the only one that gets to see him. I see him every day, all day, and I quite literally just can’t look away.


And my name? My name doesn’t matter so much, It’s hard to remember things after being sealed as stone for such a long time, even little things, like your own name. I remember Adir because- well, Adir is the reason I am this way. The sin of preference. I was never supposed to want to see anyone more than my own lord- but I did. I wanted Adir and his finely chiseled face and amber eyes- I believed I could help him, make him less forceful. I wanted to be the one to change Adir. Honestly- It was God’s fault- for making me so sweet, so stubborn- I was “Liora Lihi- ‘My light, She is Mine’, The angel of compassion, of outreach. I was known to tamper with mortal affairs before being turned to stone. I would weep with them, and comfort them, and walk alongside them- I wanted to make their lives easier, I wanted to experience what they did, to be happy as they were, to laugh as they did, to find comfort in each other’s presence as they did. Angels didn’t think like that- we were almost robotic in comparison, from what I can remember. And I would have been one of the ArchAngels- Had I not been so …..well, kind. I was unable to make a decision if it meant someone had to get hurt. I could never hurt anything- and the ArchAngels had to be ready to launch into battle at any time. Like my Adir, Adir was an ArchAngel- the ArchAngel of battle. I always told myself that if it meant I could be closer to Adir- I would make that decision- I had the power, the spirit, the ability to be an ArchAngel- but when it came down to it….I just never could. I could never hurt a thing. Which is why I am one of those who has not completely fallen. I could have fought against my exile, and, if I had fought with Lucifer- maybe I would have stood a chance too- but I didn’t. My betrayal would have hurt god so badly…..

For Adir- it was loyalty that kept him from being devoured by the everlasting darkness, but Pride still let him fall. For Ahava- her vain led her to fall and crumble, but her love for the lord saved her soul from fading completely. Think of all of us, the hundreds of us, as children- children who disobeyed their father, not enough to be shunned and killed…..But enough to have to be punished in some manner. After all- we were supposed to be perfect….and….we failed. But now….now humans look at us, as statues, as examples of what beauty and perfection should be. All we want is to wake up again- to be able to speak to the ones beside us, to stretch our wings again, to know the company of each other once again…..

Hope isn’t lost for us yet though, because….because we aren’t all gone yet. The humans below and in front of us can’t see it-

But we still breathe.

© 2013 RedRozeNinja13

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This is an interesting concept that could be difficult to write but you nailed it. By the second paragraph I was enthralled and wanted to know what was going to happen. I think this is an excellent prologue to a story. I'm curious to see the direction you're going to take it because it's left very open ended. I haven't read your other chapters yet but here's a few questions that popped into my mind at the end:

Will she be freed from her stone prison? Will someone be able to communicate with her? Or will the rest of the story unfold in the past, leading up to their imprisonment?

And a last note: I loved the part where she said, "But he’s mine now. I’m the only one that gets to see him. I see him every day, all day, and I quite literally just can’t look away."

Posted 6 Years Ago

Interesting. Your verbal visual is wonderful. Keep writing.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is a very nice start, I like it a lot! Good job! :D

Posted 6 Years Ago

Wow...........I like the's creative......VERY original. I like it. I so want to read what is going happen later on in the book.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

I really need recommendations and such. I really like the meaning of her name too- Liora Lihi- 'My l.. read more
Catherine Frain

6 Years Ago

I don't even know what to recommend though...Her name is pretty.

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Columbia, SC

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell. It occurred to me that it was time for this little oddball to update her profile, you know? Lots of things have changed....and not all of them are good, in fact- hardly any a.. more..

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