A Poem by Sayre

My apathy is caused by the lack of words to feel,
The lack of these attacks causing wounds to heal
I regret not every little word I speak, thoughts I feel and I think,
At my insanity's peak.

I'm already out here lost and dazed
No reason to repeat anything I didnt say
No purpose to bash, smack talk, and talk trash
Subliminally starting drama to which i react fast

Just another day of the week that my thoughts have deceased
Judgement clouded and I havent had a drink
It's too late, I cant sleep
I feel the pressure at my feet
Jagged edges on the floor affecting me mentally

Small discressions arise from sundown to moonrise
The high tides of commotion make disturabnces in our lives
Its nothing we cant handle if we sit down and we try, and decide
What's the next step [to take] between you and I

Sit back and relax, none of this will change a thing
Honey Bunn, Cutie Pie, you know you're the sweetest thing
I wouldnt trade you for any other human being
Up to date, you' re the best anything happening to me
But sometimes I am worried, sometimes I am stressed
Often debating if I [really]deserve the very best.
Can you look me in the eye and say I'm better than the rest?
It's a test,  let destiny handle the rest
Can I confess? I don't know what destiny really means
The conclusion that our choices are controlled by other things?
Am I just a drip of water following along a string
Gravity demanding it's a one way thing
Time deciding when and where to skip to the credits

Can I start digging this hole, eight by six?
will it fit?
what do you mean?
Both of the caskets.
Are they dead?
Not yet, but they may be soon
How do you figure?
They're on a bomb, marinating in their doom
Where's it at? Can they run?
Nothing's left that can be done
It's a matter of will, thats the deal death gave them.
He already flipped the hourglass and grain by grain
Their lives are pure expressions with a steady decay.
Come on get up lets go, we have to help them! At least try!
Tell me why.
How would you feel if you let these people die
You'd have to watch the push up daiseys for the rest of your life.
And thats no life to live, if you had to ask me
But I dont. In fact, I dont have to do a thing
Yes you do, out the door
Nah I'm good, Im staying home
You lazy---
What? say it, spit it out, say it aloud
That's what I thought, go be a hero save the day
Its not my thing, get out my house, let me rest let me sleep
If i choose apathy, then apathetic's what Ill be.
Fine! Im out of here, rot in your cold den,
But when death comes for you, dont bother calling me then.

Emotions cause problems that I cant solve
And thats an issue since I like it all [to be] resolved
But instead I sit at home,  in my solitude and mope
Hoping I can find a different way to solemnly cope
Because these lyrics never ever seem to solve a single thing
In fact when they get read, it get more complicating
I'm sick of all the drama, and all these lies just so bright
so light, they're just white, help the days turn into nights.
Everybody tells them just to help the day pass by
Day to day, night to night for the rest of our lives
Tell them anything can happen, pretend that you care
But then you get home, you chillax with that finger in the air.

© 2011 Sayre

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Added on March 3, 2011
Last Updated on March 3, 2011



Pinole, CA

I am 17, as of this January [2010]. I live for the most part with my dad, and Visit my mom about twice a month. I cant really complain about much, my life has been pretty easy. As for everybody else, .. more..


A Poem by Sayre