My Super Villain

My Super Villain

A Poem by Sayre

WIP. Just posting to have an accessible copy anywhere

Just looking at that picture made my stomach churn
My soul burns when I recall a single time in which I yearned
To see your face, look in your eyes, wrap my arms around your waist
Touch to feel, skin to skin, let the clothing disapaite
Let my walls fade away, let my worries carry off
Let the songs you sing seduce me till the stress tapers off
Let you in on all my secrets, see my smile not my smirk
It was work to get so eased to let my mind be observed
It was tough to let you in, past the point of being friends
You were the cute, I was the goof, but in the end it was pretend
But in the end it was a joke, I was the joke from day one
Sure it was fun, but was it really worth the pain im suffering?
You're my Kryptonite, bell chimes, Super Villain in my mind
What shall I name you? this Villain of mine
call you Seductress, Eyusedyew, exposed you, abused you
Hate you, confused you? Guess what, im confused too
Thats just what im used to, you got me in this pattern
On and off, happiness fades, and I'm faking the laughter
Thats the problem, I still think of you a year after
The aftermath I factored in my future life, last year
Is much less costly than I calculated, that was my fear
It came true, back when I had tears in my eyes,
And poems in my book writing for days at a time
Letters you never got, thoughts you didnt receive
I would have sent em out, but Im just not that drama king
And if I were, I would let you be my drama queen
Stirring up commotions, contorting emotions
Keep up the devotion, and infamy you feelin me?
Stay strong to your fan boys, multiple boy toys
Keep it real, if you feel, you could kill, to conceal,
But your fake, dont awake, when you hnag at the stake
Relate to what you say, when you pray, every day
Every night, commit to the same sins again.
Same Hail Mary's, same good semaritan deeds
Same seduction, your eroticism is diease
Worse than the rats and the flees
Of the days of the black plague conquering the land and the seas
You're the only girl I could write about with ease
Please, let me go, let me forget you in peace
Let me be on my way, toward optimistic days
Hesitate before you look back, keep your eyes straight
Ill do the same with mine, Keep em on the horizon line
Where this god-forbidden Earth, touches heavenly skies
Dont ask why, I thought writing some rhymes
Would help pass the time and get you out of my mind
You're f*****g stuck,This thoughtcrime has brought my demise
Thats a lie, it was you since the beginning
My patience is thinning, my conscience is spinning
its fitting! To talk about lies, in a song for a woman
whos been puttin on a show and then cries, keepin ten men at her side
In a line, keep em in check, its your best bet to try them all for a quick test
Keep up the facade

© 2011 Sayre

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Added on March 28, 2011
Last Updated on March 28, 2011



Pinole, CA

I am 17, as of this January [2010]. I live for the most part with my dad, and Visit my mom about twice a month. I cant really complain about much, my life has been pretty easy. As for everybody else, .. more..


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