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TS might not be Frost or Eliot but combined with Nix they made music. Perhaps another colab?...
How to Refuse Insults

How to Refuse Insults

A Poem by Bryan Sefton

Insults can either be deflected or rejected.

Every brick hit Harry.
Every stone thrown
Every slight and every sneer
Ran Exoscet to his co-ordinates
Even the glares of others for others
Were deflected in his direction
He knew pain only gained from third degree burns
He suffered as only the vulnerable can
Alone he would moan in his room
At the inequalities of life
How some deal out hurt and some receive it
How God didn't see fit to share it out equal
But gave the fun to some, the pain to one
Then one day there was a click
That's the only way I can describe it
A sort of mental shift. A click
Suddenly he didn't belong to either side
It was like he became spectator
Suddenly he stood back and every brick fell short
Every sneer veered
Every stone. Every slight. Every slur
Everything that had been his
Became mine

© 2022 Bryan Sefton

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Hello, Bryan! :)
That's a great message. Other people's feelings can only hurt ours if we let them, if we care. Thanks for sharing! :)

Posted 2 Months Ago

Bryan Sefton

2 Months Ago

Thanks for reading it Matt.
Hello Bryan, what a surprise ending this poem has. Wasn't expecting that. There will always be those who get pleasure throwing insults at others. I've always believed that karma can play a visit to even things up. Have a lovely Sunday. You pen a good poem my friend.


Posted 2 Months Ago

Bryan Sefton

2 Months Ago

And you pen fantastic comments Chris. May you never get arthritis in your writing hand.
Chris Shaw

2 Months Ago

Ah bless you for that:)

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2 Reviews
Added on September 4, 2022
Last Updated on September 4, 2022


Bryan Sefton
Bryan Sefton

Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom