Girls Support Girls

Girls Support Girls

A Poem by Sel

We are all told as little girls that we need to look out for each other, but how come we never support ourselves? Also slight tw: talk of insecurity's and food

Will that be all this generation of youth do?
For what they see in mirrors isn't truth
The constant scrolling on social media
Will I ever look as thin as her?
Her skin was like porcelain
Unlike the girl on the other side of the screen

She sat alone on the cold bathroom floor
Staring into the mirror once more
Lack of support
Lack of self worth
Feeling alone on this giant earth
“Girls support girls”
Yet none support themselves

The artsy girl insecure about her height
The popular girl, her weight
The honors student, her skin

Our bodies are just sacks of skin
Destined to just hold our organs and no more
Cautions aligning how much we consume

All it takes is saying a simple phrase
And maybe then everything will be okay
This phrase not spoken as much as it needs to be
Maybe this prolonged silence can be broken
Are these three words really that hard to say?

“You’re really pretty!”

© 2022 Sel

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If only we could speak to ourselves the way we speak to those we love. And… to remember, most of the time, it’s better to say something.

Enjoyed your poetry.


Posted 1 Year Ago

I need more. Never has anyone managed to portray the message of self-dislike so elegantly. So many people need to hear this poem. You, my dear friend, are a master of words who can show the pain of a generation.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on November 19, 2022
Last Updated on November 19, 2022
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