EON: A God's Successor

EON: A God's Successor

A Story by ShadowFox aka Pierce

Laying in an open grass field, the heir to an empire converses with his lifelong caretaker.

The young heir's heart raced with the thought of the imminent coronation ceremony.
"How much longer until they announce fathers' death?" The heir broke the silence.
After a few seconds of pause the caretaker replied, "I do not know, they say it could be any moment."
The heir grimaced at this reply.
She continued, "The Czar is a very strong-willed man, he will cling to his throne as long as the All-Powers permit it." 
Taking a moment to clear his thoughts, then curiosity began to take over him. "Where did the term 'Czar' even originate from?"
After a moment of thought, the caretaker replied, "No one really knows, all that is known is that it is an ancient title, dating back to the first era, before the first reformation even." She looked up at the stars and took a moment before continuing, "They say that it stood for a person of great importance or significance, and that the Cza-te derived from it."
The heir thought about this for a moment, "Do you think the Gaians came up with it?" He inquired.
"I wouldn't doubt it, after all, the ancient Gaians created everything." The caretaker replied, "We are simply remnants of what they left behind." 
The mere thought of this was almost too much for the young heir to comprehend.
Just then a deep, world-quaking horn sounded; signifying the Czar's passing.
Panic began to wash over the heir, when the caretaker put her hand on his shoulder, "Go now, as the Cza-te, it's your sole-purpose to take your fathers place."
"I'm scared, what if I lose myself, like father?" his voice quivered in reply.
"It's okay, young sire, you will do great things for your people, of this I have no doubt." She smiled.
He looked up at her and asked, "Will I ever see you again?"
She shook her head, "No."
They turn to see two guards come to take the young heir back inside for the ceremony.
The heir lowered his head "Goodbye, Liera." The guards then escorted him back to the palace.
A single tear was shed from the caretaker "Goodbye, My Lord."

© 2013 ShadowFox aka Pierce

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Added on August 16, 2013
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ShadowFox aka Pierce
ShadowFox aka Pierce

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