Building A Scarecrow

Building A Scarecrow

A Screenplay by Shadow

This was written for my screenwriting class. We were supposed to take a children's book, about an old woman wanting pancakes, and make a sequel to it. A very loose sequel. Warning: Some Cursing.



          Enter into a small, sparsely decorated bedroom. In the full
          sized bed, an older lady around sixty, BEVERLY, is sleeping.
          An old digital alarm clock begins to go off. Beverly reaches
          over, turns it off, and¬† gets out of the bed. Beverly has
          graying black hair pulled back into a messy braid and soft
          brown eyes. She is wearing an old floral nightgown.

          She stretches and yawns, then puts on her bunny slippers and
          an old, simple robe that is hung up nearby. She begins to
          shuffle toward the door and trips over her own feet. She
          catches herself on a dresser and while she pulls herself up,
          she glances toward a picture in a simple frame on the
          dresser. It is a picture of two people standing in front of
          a cornfield. One of them is a slightly younger Beverly. The
          other is an old man around the same age as Beverly in the
          picture. This is her deceased husband, ALAN. Alan has grey
          hair and soft light brown eyes, full of joy. Both appear
          very happy. Beverly smiles and laughs lightly.

                    Well, Alan, today is certainly off
                    to a good start, now, isn't it?

          Beverly, still smiling, pulls herself the rest of the way up
          and walks out the bedroom door.


          Beverly enters the kitchen in her robe and begins to make
          some coffee. She makes pancakes and slices up an apple. She
          brings her small stack of pancakes, smothered in maple
          syrup, and apples, along with a mug of coffee, to her tiny
          table which sits next to a large window overlooking a
          cornfield and eats it happily.

          Beverly finishes her breakfast and sits the dishes in her
          sink. She grabs another mug of coffee and sits back down at
          the table to drink it, smiling. She looks outside and frowns
          at what she sees.


          Crows are circling above a cornfield, occasionally diving
          down and attacking the crops. They appear slightly larger
          than normal, and highly aggressive, fighting amongst each


          Beverly sighs and looks down sadly at her coffee. She then
          looks a large picture of Alan hanging nearby.

                    I really hate those damn crows.
                    Every year since you passed, with
                    the exception of that first one, I
                    plant that corn and toil hard to
                    make sure it grows well, just like
                    you asked. And it usually does, and
                    the first two years it was fine, no

          Beverly looks outside at the crows. Her sadness melts away
          to anger as she begins to glare at them.

                    But then those monstrous things
                    came and started to attack the
                    field. And every year, they get
                    worse. (She glances back at the
                    picture, expression returning to
                    sadness) I don't know if I can take
                    it anymore. (She begins to tear up)
                    I'm sorry Alan, but I have no idea
                    how you kept those monsters away.

          Beverly looks back out the window, unable to look at the
          picture any longer. She then notices something outside and
          becomes a little confused. She leans in closer to the
          window, trying to get a better look.

                    What in the world...?

          Sticking out on the far edge of the field on top of a hill
          is a¬† old-looking pole made out of dark wood about 7 feet
          tall. About a foot or two down the pole, was another long
          piece of wood, slightly lighter in color and only about five
          feet long, sitting almost perpendicular to the other. It
          looked like it had been standing there for a long time.

          A look of sudden recogition passes on Beverly's face.

                    I remember now...

                FLASHBACK TO

          EXT. FIELD DAY

          A young Alan, who appears to be in his twenties with
          medium-length brown hair and cheery brown eyes and wearing
          jeans and a plaid shirt, is dragging a large object in a bag
          toward the pole, which can be seen with more detail. The two
          pieces of wood are nailed and tied together. The nails are
          old and rusty and the rope, while seeming old, appears
          strong, with two long ends dangling on the opposite side of
          the cross-shaped pole. More rope is dangling on the ends of
          the horizontal pole. All over the wood are strange symbols
          that seemed to have been carved into it a long time ago.

          A young Beverly, who appears to be about the same age as her
          husband, pushes through the corn to her husband, who is now
          standing next to the pole, looking at her. She is wearing a
          simple sundress that is slightly worn. Beverly appears to be
          a little tired.

                    What in the name of Heaven are you
                    doing, Alan?

          Alan looks at her and smiles.

                    Why, I'm putting up a scarecrow.

          At that, he opens up the bag to reveal a scarecrow. The
          scarecrow is highly detailed and seems to be fairly old. It
          is comprised of clothing sewn together, with a head made
          from burlap that oddly resembles the shape of a normal human
          head, with hay stuck to it to resemble hair. It's face had
          been painted on with great detail, with pale green eyes and
          a sweet, kind smile.It looks surprisingly realistic, except
          for the fact that it was flat and starting to fade. Atop
          it's head sat an old beaten cowboy hat. Beverly stares at it
          while Alan scrutinizes the scarecrow's face.

                         (talking softly to self)
                         Hmm...may need to repaint his
                         face when I take him back

          Beverly shook her head and looked up at Alan, finally
          thinking of something.

                    Alan. it's a very nice scarecrow,
                    but why do you need to put it up?
                    I've never seen any crows here, or
                    really any other bird for that
                    matter, aside from some doves and
                    chickadees ...

          Alan looks up at her and smiles.

                    Ah, but this here scarecrow is the
                    reason why there are no crows here.
                    He keeps them away.

          Beverly scrutinizes the scarecrow again, confused, and looks
          back up at Alan.

                    I don't understand how this thing
                    has been keeping the crows away. No
                    offense, but it doesn't look
                    particularly scary. In fact, it
                    looks kinda sweet.

                    This (gesturing to the scarecrow)
                    is no ordinary scarecrow, and this
                    (gesturing to the odd pole) is no
                    ordinary pole.

          Beverly just stares at him, confused.

                    What do you mean by that?

          Alan smiles at her softly and sits down on the ground next
          to the pole. He gestures for her to sit down next to him and
          she does.

                    You remember me tellin' you about
                    the previous owner of this land, my
                    Grandma Alice?

                    You mean the one that told you all
                    those old stories about magic?

                    Yeah, her. Well, she didn't just
                    tell stories about magic, she used
                    it. Well, after being pestered by
                    crows for a few years she got sick
                    of it. So she took out her old
                    spellbook and looked for something
                    to get rid of them. She found a few
                    that would've killed 'em, but she
                    thought that would've been too
                    cruel. She eventually found one
                    that would keep the darned things
                    away from this land. She went and
                    got these two pieces of wood, each
                    from a different tree, and began to
                    carve the symbols into the wood.
                    Then, with the help of my grandpa,
                    she put them up here and they've
                    stayed ever since.

                    Well, if the pole keeps the crows
                    away, why do you need a scarecrow?

          Alan looks at her and smiles.

                    But it's not just the pole that
                    keeps the crows away. It's the
                    combined magic of the pole and the
                    scarecrow that keeps them at bay.

          Beverly looks at him amazed.

                    So the scarecrow's magic, too?

                    Yes, although it's a different kind
                    of magic.

                    What do you mean?

          Alan laughs.

                    It's complicated. Maybe one day
                    I'll tell you.

          Beverly folds her arms and give him a look of obviously
          false agitation.

                    Hey, that not fair!

          Alan laughs harder. Beverly tries to scowl, but ends up
          laughing with him. After a few minutes they stop and Beverly
          looks at the scarecrow and smiles.

                    So, is this the same scarecrow that
                    your grandma first used?

                    Actually, no, I made this one when
                    I was eight, but Grandma Alice
                    helped me make it. She thought we
                    could use a little change.

                    Really? (smiles) Could you maybe
                    show me how to make one?

                         (laughs) Maybe someday, honey.
                         Maybe someday...

          At this, Alan puts his arm around Beverly and pulls her
          close. They then stare out at the landscape.

              FLASHBACK ENDS


          Beverly looks back at the picture of her husband,sighs, and
          smiles sadly.

                    You never did get around to
                    teaching me how to make one.

          Beverly sighs again and rests her head in her hands and
          begins to think. After a few moments, she gets an idea.

                         (happily) Wait a minute! I
                         think I still have that old
                         scarecrow Alan used down in
                         the basement!

          At that, Beverly left the table and hurriedly headed toward
          the basement.


          Beverly quickly comes down the stairs and looks around.

                    Now, where did I put that stupid
                    box? Argh, I can't believe I didn't
                    think of this sooner! I didn't put
                    it up that first year because I was
                    so distraught after losing Alan,
                    heck, I didn't really do anything
                    that year. I must've completely
                    forgotten about it after that.

          After looking around she sees what she's looking for. She
          walks over to an old pine box. The box looks like nobody has
          touched it in years.

                    Ah, there you are.

          She opens up the box and pulls out a heavy, old bag. She
          sets the bag on the on the floor and opens it. She then gets
          a sad and distraught look on her face.

                         (whisper) Oh, no...

          Inside of the bag, the scarecrow is damaged beyond repair.
          Sadly, Beverly closes the bag and sets the it next to the
          pine box, not even bothering to put it back in. As she turns
          and begins to leave, her shoe catches in something and she
          stumbles. Beverly begins to turn and look at what tripped

                    What the h...

          She stops when she sees what tripped her. On the floor is a
          small hole. There is a faint square shape seemingly carved
          around the small hole. Beverly moves closer to it.

                    What in the name of all that is
                    holy...? I don't remember this
                    being here...

          Beverly sticks a couple of fingers in the hole and pulls
          upward. To her mild surprise, the square of flooring come up
          with little difficulty, revealing a small depression
          underneath. In it, lies a a small box, covered with odd, but
          beautiful carvings. Beverly picks it up, curious.

                    What's this?

          At this, Beverly leaves the basement, carrying the box with


          Beverly walks into her kitchen, sits down at her table, and
          sets the box on the table. She stares at it.

                    What a strange looking box. But
                    these carvings are kinda pretty,
                    wonder what they stand for?

          At this, Beverly begins to trace the symbols with her
          finger, a look of wonder on her face. Then her look becomes

                    I wonder... what's in this thing?

          Beverly opens the lid of the box and is a astonished. Within
          the box is an old, but beautiful leather-bound book. Beverly
          carefully lifts it out of the box and admires the intricate
          illustration on the front, an beautiful drawing of a field
          at sunset, with birds flying off in the distance and in the
          middle of the field stands a scarecrow. Beverly is amazed and
          looks for a title, but not finding one, she becomes puzzled.

                    No title? Hmmm....Maybe it's on the

          Beverly opens the book. On the first page is a single word,
          a name, written in a simple and slightly messy script:
          Alice. Beverly becomes intrigued.

                    Alice? Wasn't that Alan's
                    grandmother's name? This must've
                    belonged to her...

          Beverly begins to look through the book, becoming more
          amazed and astonished as she turned each page. Each page is
          filled with detailed spells, written in an elegant, flowing
          script, and detailed hand drawn illustrations. Occasionally,
          there are notes written in the margins in a script identical
          to the that of the name on the first page.

                         (astonished) It's a spellbook!
                         It's Alice's spellbook!

          Beverly then got a shocked and thoughtful look on her face.

                    Wait a minute...This

                              ALAN (VO)
                    ...Well, after being pestered by
                    crows for a few years she got sick
                    of it. So she took out her old
                    spellbook and looked for something
                    to get rid of them. She found a few
                    that would've killed 'em, but she
                    thought that would've been too
                    cruel. She eventually found one
                    that would keep the darned things
                    away from this land...

          Beverly smiles, ecstatic.

                    If this is Alice's spellbook, that
                    means that the instructions on how
                    to make the scarecrow must be in
                    here! I'll just make my own!

          Beverly quickly flips through the pages, until she finds one
          with an illustration of a cross similar to the one out in
          her field. The page was titled: Activation Cross. Beverly
          looks over the page which described that the cross was used
          to activate the magic of another spell or object.

                    So, that what that thing is for.

          Beverly continues to flip through the pages, finally
          stopping on a page with a detailed drawing of a scarecrow.
          This page was titled: Guardian of The Home And Field.
          Beverly raises an eyebrow at the title, but begins to read
          what's written on the page.

                    The Guardian Of The Home And Field
                    is to be built with no malice in
                    mind. The Guardian's duty is to
                    protect the fields in which it set
                    up and to protect the home and all
                    who live within...(excited)This is
                    it! This is exactly what I'm
                    looking for!

          At this, Beverly stands up and looks happily at the picture
          of Alan.

                    Don't worry Alan, I'll get this
                    scarecrow built and chase those
                    damn crows out of here! I won't let
                    you down!

          Beverly hurriedly leaves the room to get ready, taking the
          book with her.


          Beverly exits her small home, fully dressed in work clothes
          and carrying a large duffel bag. She sits on a small bench
          swing near the door. She then takes the spell book out of
          the bag, flips to page about the scarecrow, and begins to

                         (thoughtful) Okay, it says
                         here that the first thing I
                         need is the clothes of a loved
                         one. Hmm....The only loved one
                         I can think of is Alan, but I
                         don't have any of his clothes
                         anymore, I gave 'em all away.


          Beverly rests her head in her hand and begins to think.
          Suddenly, she is struck by an idea.

                         Wait a sec. I remember giving
                         some of the clothes to the
                         Mayer's for when their
                         children got older. (snaps
                         fingers) I'll just go and ask
                         them if I can have some of
                         them back! I'm sure they won't
                         mind at all.

          At this, Beverly stows the book back in the bag and stands
          up. She grabs the bag and begins to walk away, but the bag
          catches on the swing and she falls to the ground.

          Beverly glares at the swing before laughing and getting the
          bag unhooked from the swing. She checks to make sure the bag
          isn't torn, which it isn't, then gets back on her feet and
          heads down her long driveway to the road. Once there, she
          turns to the left, and begins to walk merrily down the side
          of the road toward her destination.


          Laughter is heard from the MAYER'S HOUSE, a large two story
          house painted bright blue. The property is surrounded by
          large trees, mostly maple. To the right of the house is a
          large shed, which is used for storing maple syrup, near an
          old red barn

          THOMAS MAYER, a thirty something man in work clothes, is
          exiting his storehouse and walking towards his home when he
          spots Beverly walking down the road, heading towards his
          house. Johnathan turns towards the house and yells to his
          wife, ELIZABETH MAYER, a thirty-something woman in jeans and
          a t-shirt, who is standing at a nearby window.

                    Hey, Lizzie! Beverly's come over to

                         (leans out open window)
                    Really? Wasn't expecting her to
                    come over for a few more days.
                    Well, I guess it's a good thing I
                    made some fresh coffee.

          At this, Elizabeth returns to her tasks inside. Thomas goes
          over to Beverly, who is walking in his direction, and greets

                    Why, Beverly! What a surprise!
                    Please come on in, Lizzie just made
                    some coffee, and, if I'm not
                    mistaken, some of her famous
                    zucchini cookies!

                    (Smiling) Why, thank you Thomas,
                    I'd love to come in.

          They walk into the large house, leaving the door open behind


          Thomas and Beverly enter the large, well equipped kitchen to
          find Elizabeth feeding JESSICA MAY MAYER, a toddler, in a
          high chair. She turns to the two when they enter, smiling.

                    Why, hello Bev! It's nice to see
                    you. How have you been doing? I see
                    you have yet to trip and break your

          Beverly and Elizabeth laugh. While they laugh, Thomas walks
          over to where some freshly made cookies have been laid out.
          As he is is about to grab one, Elizabeth hits his hand hard
          with a large plastic mixing spoon.

                    Now, don't you go touching those! I
                    just got them out of the oven!
                    Geez, you're worse than your son

          At this, Thomas pouts, which causes both Elizabeth and
          Beverly to laugh heartily, causing Thomas to smile. Thomas
          and Beverly sit down at the table, while Elizabeth gets them
          some coffee and cookies that have cooled down. She sits
          down, but before they can talk, two young children,
          JOHNATHAN and ALICIA MAYER, come rushing into the room.

                    Momma? Can Alicia and I have a

                    Sure sweetie, if you two play with
                    your little sister for awhile.

          Their faces split into wide grins, and Alicia goes and gets
          Jessica out of the high chair.

                    Sure! Me and Johnny will have lots
                    of fun with Jessie! (to Jessica)
                    Won't we?

          The adults laugh as Alicia gets Jessica out of the chair.
          Elizabeth gets up and gets them some cookies and juice
          boxes. She hands them to Johnathan.

                    Here you go, sweetie. Now,
                    remember, don't play too rough with
                    your sister, 'kay?

                    (Nodding) 'Kay, momma, we will.

          At this, the children leave the room to play. Beverly looks
          at them leaving, smiling.

                    Wonderful little balls of energy,
                    aren't they?

                    (sighs and chuckles) That they are.
                    Now, Bev, what are you doing here

                    Yeah, what brings you 'round here?
                    You can't be out of syrup already.
                    I know you go through the stuff
                    like crazy, but I thought the last
                    batch would last you a few more

                    (Laughs) No, I still have plenty of
                    syrup. Actually, I was wondering if
                    I could have some of Alan's old
                    clothes back, I need them for

                    I don't see a problem with that,
                    they were originally yours, anyway.
                    Do you have a problem with it hon?

                    No, no problem at all.

          Thomas gets up out of the chair, stretches, and grabs a

                    I'll get them now. They should
                    still be in that box up in the
                    attic, right?

          Elizabeth nods, and Thomas leaves to grab the box in the
          attic. He soon comes back, toting a box labeled "Clothes
          From Bev." He heaves it up on an empty chair and sits down.

                    Here you go Bev. Got everything you
                    need in it?

          Beverly begins to look through it, pulling out a few old
          shirts, pants, and gloves, nodding an affirmative.


          Elizabeth looks at the stuff as Beverly begins to put the
          clothes in the bag she brought with her. She looks like she
          is debating something. She then looks at Beverly and catches
          her attention.

                    Hey, Bev? If you don't mind me
                    askin', why do you need the
                    clothes, anyway?

          Beverly looks up at her, looking like she is debating
          something. She then digs through her bag and grabs the small
          book and flips to the appropriate page. She gives Elizabeth
          the book.

                    Well, actually, I'm gonna try
                    making this.

          Thomas looks over his wife's shoulder and reads the book.

                    "Guardian of the Home and Field?"
                    Bev, is this a spell book?

                    (Nodding) This used to be Alan's
                    grandmother's. I found it in the
                    basement earlier today.

                    You don't really believe in this
                    stuff, do you?

          Elizabeth looks up at Beverly. Beverly shrugs.

                    I believe that everything is
                    possible. Besides, it's my last
                    option to get rid of those

          Thomas and Elizabeth look confused for a moment, then a look
          of recognition passes over their faces, followed by concern.

                    You mean those crows are still
                    bothering you?

                    Bothering would be an
                    understatement. I swear, sometimes
                    I think those things try to destroy
                    my crops just to bother me. I've
                    tried darn near everything to get
                    rid of them.

                    But what makes you think this will

                    Well, Alan put one of these up
                    every year, and he never had any
                    problems with crows, so I figured
                    it was worth a shot.

          Thomas nods, while Elizabeth still looks skeptical, but
          seems to understand.

                    Well, I guess that makes sense.

                    Yeah, and it never hurts to try.

          Beverly nods, smiling. She then looks at the clock. She
          begins to stand up.

                    Well, I should get going. I've got
                    lots to do today.

                    We understand. We'll see you soon

                    (Smiling) Of course.

          Beverly begins to walk out, but steps on a toy that had been
          left out and falls. Thomas catches her before she reaches
          the floor. He helps her to her feet.

                    Darn those kids! I'm sorry, Bev.
                    I've told them countless times to
                    take care of their toys...

                    (Laughs Lightly) It's quite
                    alright. Well, see you guys later!

          At this, Beverly waves goodbye and leaves. Elizabeth gets up
          and looks at Thomas.

                    You don't think that thing will
                    work, do you?

                    I don't know. I hope for Bev's sake
                    it does. The poor old woman is
                    running out of options.

          At this, Thomas puts his hand on her shoulder and gives it
          squeeze. The two then separate and start working.


          Beverly sets the bag of clothes on the floor and then takes
          the book out. She stands back up, flipping through the pages
          while walking around.

                    Okee-dokiee then. Now I'm probably
                    gonna need to get some straw to
                    fill it with. Good thing I already
                    have so...

          Beverly stops when she reaches the page she needs and reads
          what she needs next. She blinks, confused.

                    Hay? I need to fill it with hay?
                    What for?

          She searches the page, looking for an explanation, but
          finding none. She growls lightly.

                    You're just not going to make
                    things easy on me, are you?

          Beverly sets the book down and begins to think.

                    Now, who do I know that has hay?

          She paces about while thinking. She looks up at and old
          photograph hanging on the wall. It's a picture of young Alan
          and another man, who has blond hair and blue eyes. Beverly
          snaps her fingers, looking triumphant.

                    Ah-ha! I'll ask ZEKE. He always has
                    hay lying around.

          At that, Beverly picks up the book and a nearby small bag.
          She then hurries out the door.


          ZEKE VANDERVEEN, a man in his sixties in worn plaid shirt,
          jeans, and a worn hat, exits his large barn, wiping sweat
          off of his brow. He looks out toward his old farmhouse and
          sees Beverly walking up to it. He waves at her.

                    Hey, Beverly! Over here!

          Beverly hears him and looks up. She waves back and walks
          over. When she reaches him, he leans on the shovel he had
          been carrying, tips his hat back to see her better, and
          gives her a crooked smile.

                    Hey now, long time no see! How've
                    you been, Bev?

                    I've been doin' good. how about

                    I've been doin' fine. So, what
                    brings you 'round my neck o' the

          Beverly rubs the back of her neck, a tad embarrassed and

                    Well, Zeke, I was hoping I could
                    ask you for something.

          Zeke quirks an eyebrow, intrigued by her actions.

                    Really? Well, whatcha need?

                    Well, I was wondering if you spare
                    any of your hay for a project of

                    (Smiles) Well, sure I have plenty.
                    Ya can have as much as you'd like.

          Beverly smiles as Zeke stands up straight and lifts the
          shovel to his shoulder as he leads the way to where he keeps
          his hay in his barn. When they get there, he turns around
          and smiles at her.

                    Well, here ya go. As I said, take
                    as much as ya need. Though I would
                    like to know whatcha need it for.

          Beverly looks at him and rubs the back her neck nervously
          before she answers him.

                    Well, you know that old scarecrow
                    that Alan used to put up every

                    Ya mean the magic one that he made
                    with his grandma?

          Beverly is surprised that he knows this and looks at him

                    You know about it?

                    (Nods) Yep. I asked him about it
                    when we was kids. Didn' me much other
                    than that it was magic, though. So,
                    what about it?

                    Well, I'm making a new one to try
                    at get those crows to leave...

          Zeke gets a bit agitated at the mention of the crows and
          growls gruffly.

                    Those mean things are still
                    botherin' ya?

          Beverly nods in affirmation and Zeke gets madder.

                    Urgh! Why won't those damn things
                    just leave ya be? You've been
                    through more than enough. (His mood
                    softens) But if you need the hay
                    for a scarecrow, why not just use
                    Alan's old one.

          Beverly shakes her head in a negative manner. Zeke becomes
          confused and motions for her to explain. Beverly sighs.

                    When I went down earlier to grab
                    it, I found it destroyed beyond
                    repair. I don't even know how it
                    could have happened. I've kept the
                    thing in the basement since Alan
                    passed, and I don't even go down
                    there often.

                         (Slightly confused) That is
                         kinda odd, I must admit.
                         (Smiles) Well then, take as
                         much hay as ya need.

                    (Smiling) Thanks, Zeke.

          Zeke then looks at her and what she is carrying, which is
          just a small bag. He chuckles and Beverly gets confused.


          Zeke smirks at her and leans on his shovel.

                    Ya did bring something to carry it
                    all in, didn't ya?

          Beverly looks confused for a moment, and then, realizing
          what he meant, slaps her forehead. Zeke laughs, having got
          his answer.

                    Don' worry 'bout it, hon. I can
                    help ya with that.


          Zeke and Beverly pull up in front of her house on a large
          tractor. The tractor is hauling a trailer full of hay.
          Beverly gets off the tractor, almost falling down in the
          process. Zeke, trying not to laugh, helps her down and
          unhooks the trailer from the tractor.

                    Just let me know when you're done
                    makin' that scarecrow, and I'll
                    come back and get the rest of the

                    (Smiling) Thanks for the help,

                    (Tips hat toward her) No prob, Bev.
                    (Climbs back on tractor) Well, I'm
                    gonna get going. See ya later.

                    See ya.

          Zeke leaves on his tractor and Beverly sits down on the
          bench swing. She pulls out the book and flips to her page.

                    Okay, the next thing that this says
                    I need is a bag for the head. Well,
                    I'll just use the head from Alan's
                    old one, it was the only thing that
                    wasn't decimated.(Thinks for a
                    moment) In fact, the only damage it
                    seemed to receive was being ripped
                    off the rest of the body and that
                    the hair and painted face had come
                    off as well. Kinda odd.

          Beverly thinks about it for a moment, but decides to dismiss

                    Oh well, it's not that important.
                    (Looks back at book) Okay, the next
                    thing I need is black thread. Damn
                    it! I ran out of black a week ago.¬†

          Beverly gets up walk around, thinking. She then looks out
          toward a nearby house, getting an idea.

                    Hmmm...well, SARAH does a lot of
                    sewing, she might have some black
                    thread. (Looks back at the book) It
                    also says I need paint. I know that
                    NORMAN likes to paint. Maybe
                    they'll lend me some paint, too.

          Beverly goes and grabs her bag and sticks the book in it
          with a determined look on her face.

                    Well, I'll never get anything done
                    by just standing here. Might as
                    well go and ask.

          Beverly begins to walk next door when she hears a loud caw.
          She looks up and sees one of the crows flying above. It
          appears to be glaring at her. Beverly rubs her eyes and it
          flys away. Beverly becomes confused.

                    Was that crow...? Naw, I'm just
                    seein' things.

          Beverly walks across her yard to her neighbors.


          NORMAN REED, a bookish man in his mid-forties, is sitting on
          a couch in his well-furnished living room, reading a book
          and sipping tea. SARAH REED, Norman's wife who is around the
          same age, enters the room. She is wearing a simple, but
          pretty dress.¬†

                    Norman, do we still have some

                    (Looks up from book) Last I checked
                    we did. It should be in the fridge
                    behind the milk.

                    Okay, thanks honey.

          Sarah begins to turn around to go into the kitchen but is
          stopped by a knock on the door. They both look over at the
          door with curious expressions on their faces.

                    Huh. I wasn't expecting anyone over
                    today. I wonder who it is.

          Sarah goes over to the door and opens it to find Beverly
          standing there. Sarah's face immediately splits into a smile.

                    Why Beverly! What happy surprise!
                    (begins to lead her in) Please come
                    in and have a seat. Would you like
                    some tea?

                    Sure, I would love some. Thank you.

          Sarah goes to the kitchen to get some tea while Norman sets
          down his book. Sarah comes back with two cups of tea and
          gives one to Beverly. She then sits down next to Norman and
          sips a little bit of her tea.

                    So, Beverly, what brings you here?
                    (Smiles) It wouldn't have anything
                    to do with that scarecrow you're
                    making, would it?

          He says this while Beverly is about to take a sip of her
          tea. She stops, surprised, and brings her tea down.

                    How did you hear about that?

                    (laughs) Thomas told us when he
                    came over to pick up some dresses I
                    made for his girls. (takes a sip of
                    tea) So, does this lovely visit
                    have something to do with it?

                    Actually, yes. I was hoping
                    you could lend me a few things.

                    (Smiling) Well, what do you need?

                    Well, I was wonderin' if you could
                    lend me some black thread and

                    Well, sure Beverly, we can do that,
                    right honey? (Sarah nods) So, any
                    particular colors you need for

          Beverly mulls this over for a little bit, sipping her tea.

                    Well, I definitely need black, and
                    white too. (Thinks for a bit) And
                    light brown as well.

                    (quirks an eyebrow) What do you
                    need light brown for?

                    (chuckles) For the eyes. I'm using
                    Alan's old clothes, so I figured I
                    might as well give it Alan's eye

                    (laughs) That makes sense. (Thinks
                    for a moment) In fact, I think I
                    may have something you can use.
                    (Stands) Excuse me for a moment.

          Sarah then leaves the room. While she is gone, Norman and
          Beverly talk about random things. When she comes back, she
          is holding two boxes. One is small and the other is about
          the size of her head. She hands Beverly the small one.

                    Oh here's that thread by the way.
                    You said black, right?

                    Yes, black. (glances at other box)
                    What's that?

          Sarah looks over at the box she sat down, then grabs it. She
          opens it and pulls out a wig. The wig is the same color and
          style as Alan's when he was young. Beverly is astonished.

                    Diane brought this home while on
                    break from beauty school one year.
                    She left it home and when we asked
                    what to do with it, she said we
                    could just keep it. It always
                    reminded me of how your husband's
                    hair looked in all those old
                    pictures. Since you're giving that
                    scarecrow Alan's clothes and eyes,
                    why not give it his hair, too?

                    (Begins to tear up) Thank you.
                    (takes the wig) But are you sure
                    Diane won't mind?

          Sarah begins to speak, but Norman answers before she can.

                    Nah, she won't mind at all.
                    Besides, we can't use it, so why
                    not give it to someone who can use
                    it. (Stands up) Now, let me get you
                    that paint.

          Norman goes over to cabinet sitting nearby and takes out the
          paint Beverly asked for. He brings it over to her and she
          thanks him. She stands up, preparing to leave. They try to
          stop her.

                    Why don't you stay for lunch,
                    Beverly? We're making your
                    favorite, blueberry pancakes.

                    The offer is tempting, Sarah, but I
                    should really get going. I need to
                    finish thing as soon as possible.

                    (Nods) We understand. Goodbye,


          Sarah waves goodbye at Beverly as she goes out the door.

          INT. KITCHEN DAY

          Beverly enters the kitchen and sets the bag down, pulling
          the book out. She turns on her radio and begins to work on
          the scarecrow for several hours, leaving the kitchen only to
          grab some hay to put in it and occasionally to the bathroom.
          She sews the clothes and old boots of Alan's she found. She
          stuffs it full with hay. She then painstakingly paints a
          very detailed face on it. She superglues the wig to the head
          and sews it onto the body of the scarecrow.


          Beverly drags out the finished scarecrow and sits it up
          against the house. She looks it over. It looks remarkably
          like Alan. A thoughtful look passes over her face.

                    Something seems to be missing.
                    (Thinks for a bit, then snaps
                    fingers) I know! You need a hat! I
                    know just the hat, too. It should
                    still be down in the basement. I'll
                    just go and get it.

          Beverly then goes into the house, leaving the scarecrow
          outside. The crows begin to fly in circles above it.


          Beverly enters the basement, almost falling down the steps,
          but catching herself on the railing. She is smiling as she
          begins to searching through the multitude of boxes situated
          there. After searching for a short time, she gets a little
          agitated and puts her hands on her hips.

                    Now, where the heck did I put that
                    darn thing?

          Beverly continues her search and after opening one box,
          becomes immediately happy again.

                    Ah, here you are!

          Beverly pulls an old beat up fedora out of the box. She
          blows the dust off of it and goes into a small coughing fit.
          Afterwards she begins to smile again.

                    Alan's old fedora. He loved this
                    damn thing. It's perfect!

          She leaves the basement, taking the fedora with her, and
          turning the light off as she ascends the stairs.


          Beverly opens her back door smiling, but once she sees what
          is going on, she drops the fedora and becomes terrified.


          The crows are attacking the scarecrow, tearing it to shreds.
          Beverly grabs a nearby umbrella from inside and begins to
          run toward the crows, yelling at them and attempting to beat
          them with the umbrella.

                    Get away from there you monsters!

          Beverly manages to hit a couple of them, and they begin to
          attack her. She manages to beat a couple away, but they
          won't relent, and soon she is covered with small cuts.
          Beverly grabs the scarecrow's head, the only part that seems
          untouched, and runs back into the house, slamming the door
          behind her. Some crows hit the door and they attack it for a
          short time. They soon leave.


          Beverly is leaning against the door, bleeding from various
          cuts. She is cradling the scarecrow's head in her arms,
          crying. She slides down to the floor and continues to cry as
          the sun sets. She then wipe her eyes, looking first at what
          remains of the scarecrow in her hands, and then up at Alan's
          picture. She begins to tear up again, her voice cracking.

                    I'm so sorry Alan. I just can't do
                    it. I can't keep my promise. I've
                    tried everything to get rid of
                    those damn things. (looks at the
                    scarecrow's head) I even tried to
                    use magic. But let's face the
                    facts, I can't do it. Fate's
                    working against me, it's just not
                    meant to do this.(Looks back up at
                    the picture) I'm sorry, but I'm
                    gonna have to break my promise. I
                    just can't plant the crops with
                    those damn crows around. I'm

          Beverly looks away begins to sob. Then a soft wind begins to
          blow around her and Beverly looks up, confused. She looks
          around for the source, but all of the doors and windows are
          shut tight. Just as she is about to get up she hears a sound
          that surprises her, a voice.

                              ALAN (VO)
                    Now, now. You can't possibly be
                    giving up.

          Beverly screams, shocked, and falls back down. She then hits
          her forehead with her hand, agitated with herself.

                    Great, now I'm going crazy.

          Alan's voice laughs lightly, and the wins caresses her

                              ALAN (VO)
                    No you're not. Not yet at least
                    (laughs) (turns serious) But you
                    can't seriously be thinking about

          Beverly looks up, her eyes still teary, debating about
          whether or not to respond. She sighs and stutters.

                    B-but I can't do it! Those crows
                    are too aggressive! I...I just

                              ALAN (VO)
                    That doesn't sound like the Beverly
                    I knew. What happened to the woman
                    who thought quitting was for the
                    weak? Who never quit no matter

                    (looks down) She got old and tired.
                    And old, tired ladies just can't do
                    so much work...

                              ALAN (VO)
                    (Chuckles) An old tired lady, huh?

          The wind picks up again and makes Beverly lift her head.

                              ALAN (VO)
                    Can an old, tired lady plant seeds
                    for five hours straight and not
                    take a break? Can an old, tired
                    lady lift a heavy box of tools for
                    several miles without breaking a
                    sweat? Can an old, tired lady walk
                    around twenty miles in one day
                    gathering materials and still have
                    plenty of energy to make a

          The wind helps Beverly, whose mood has brightened, stand
          back up as he continues.

                              ALAN (VO)
                    You are so much more than just an
                    old, tired lady. You can do so much
                    if you just put your mind to it.
                    The Beverly I knew was never a
                    quitter. Are you?

          Beverly sets a firm look of determination on her face.

                    No, I'm not.

                              ALAN (VO)
                    That's what I wanted to hear. So,
                    what are you gonna do now?

          Beverly looks down at the scarecrow's head, which stills
          rests in her hands. She makes a decision and looks back up.

                    I'm gonna finish this scarecrow and
                    get rid of those damn crows...
                    (looks at the sores on her arms)
                    ...after I take care of these cuts.

          Alan's voice laughs and fades, and the wind dies down.
          Beverly walks over to a cabinet determinedly and pulls out a
          first aid kit. She sits down and begins to take care of her

                    I'm gonna finish that scarecrow and
                    get it up in that field if it's the
                    last thing I do.


          Beverly begins to work on the scarecrow once again. She
          picks out some new clothes from the ones she got and finds
          another pair of boots. She sews all of these together
          carefully, making sure the stitches are strong as she can
          make them. She hurriedly goes out the door with a large bag
          and comes back as quickly as she can, with the bag filled
          with hay. She stuffs the hay into the scarecrow and sews the
          remaining open spots up. She picks up its head and looks it
          over, smoothing out the hair and fixing up the painted face.
          She sews it onto the body.

          Beverly props the scarecrow up in a chair and looks it over.
          She then grabs Alan's old fedora and carefully places it on
          the scarecrow's head. She then steps back and looks it over
          again. She nods and smiles. She then looks through the
          window to see the first streaks of dawn in the sky. She sets
          a determined look on her face.


          As the sun begins to rise, Beverly walks out of her home
          carrying a large bag, which contains the scarecrow, and
          carrying an umbrella for use as a weapon. She stops for a
          moment and looks at the sunrise. She then looks up at the
          crows circling in the sky above her. She looks back down at
          the bag near her.

                    Well, here goes everything.

          She began to walk towards the field with no problems. As she
          gets closer to the field, the crows begin to act agitated.
          When she reached the edge of the field, they began to attack
          her. Beverly yelled and began to beat at them with the
          umbrella, occasionally hitting one, but they kept attacking,
          giving her new wounds. As she is beating at them, she hears
          a gunshot and the crows scatter.

          Beverly whips around to see Thomas holding a smoking rifle,
          pointed at the crows. Beverly is shocked, but before she can
          speak, the crows come back to attack her. Before they can
          reach her, a voice calls out and a shotgun goes off.

                    (offscreen) Git away from 'er, ya
                    nasty brutes!

          Beverly turnss to see Zeke holding a shotgun. Two more
          voices call out.

                    (offscreen) Now, calm down, Zeke.

                    (offscreen) Yeah. Leave some for

          Beverly looks in the direction of the voices and sees Norman
          and Sarah running over. Norman has a small revolver, while
          Sarah is carrying a broom as an improvised weapon.

          They all walk over to the stunned Beverly.

                    What are you all doin' here?

                    Well, earlier, I had a strange
                    feeling that I had to come over and
                    that you might need some help.

                    Same here. (The Reeds nod) Can't
                    really explain it.

                    And now that we're here, we're
                    gonna help you out with your little
                    crow problem.

          Beverly looks at all of their determined faces, a small,
          thankful smile forming on her lips.

                    Thank you so much...

                    (Smiling) No problem. Now then,
                    don't you have a scarecrow to put
                    up? (waves broom at crows) We'll
                    keeps these nasty little monsters
                    off you.

          Beverly looks at them all again and nods, her look becoming
          determined. She then picks her bag back up and hurriedly
          starts heading through the field. As she goes through the
          stalks of corn, she hears gunshots and yells ring out from
          all over the place. Suddenly, a few crows come and attack
          her in the corn. She beats them away with renewed vigor. A
          couple begin to attack the bag and she hits these one really

                    Oh no you don't, you little

          Beverly continues on her way through the field, beating away
          any crows that dare to try and stop her. She gains many new
          wounds along her way. Eventually, she reaches the edge of
          the field. Seeing the pole nearby, Beverly quickens her
          pace. She quickly reaches the pole and rips open the bag.

          Suddenly, the markings on the the pole begin to glow blue.
          Beverly watches, amazed as the ropes on it begin to untie
          themselves. The scarecrow also begins to glow blue and rises
          out of the bag toward the cross-shaped pole. The ropes latch
          onto the scarecrow and tie it securely onto the pole.

          The scarecrow begins to glow brighter and suddenly lets out
          a bright burst of light. The crows cry out in agony and
          begin to furiously fly away. The glowing begins to die down,
          and then flares back up again, this time white. The
          scarecrow sends out another burst of light, this one gentle.
          As it flows over the crops they begin to heal and become
          lush and prosperous. As it flows over Beverly and the
          others, it heals all of the wounds caused by the crows.

          The glowing dies down again and finally goes out. Beverly
          stares at the scarecrow almost in a trance. She is suddenly
          brought out her stupor by the joyous cheering of her
          friends. She smiles and begins to cheer as well. She rushes
          to her friends and begins to celebrate.


          Beverly and her friends and neighbors are having a party out
          at the edge of the field, the occasion being the harvest
          season. The scarecrow still stands proudly upon the pole as
          young children run around it having fun. Beverly and the
          other adults are all having merry conversation.¬†

          Beverly gets away from the group to have a moment of
          privacy. She stands near the scarecrow, taking in the sight
          of all of her friends having fun. Suddenly, a light wind
          picks up and a she hears a faint voice.

                              ALAN (VO)
                    You did a great job.

          Beverly looks up at the sky and then towards the scarecrow.
          She smiles.

                    Thank you....

          Beverly walks away to rejoin the festivities with her
          The camera stays fixed to the scarecrow as we hear
          merry-making in the background.

               FADE TO BLACK




© 2012 Shadow

Author's Note

This was originally written in a screenwriting software. I'm not entirely happy with the end, because I had to rush it and it was quite the length I thought it would be. Like most of my screenwriting class, I only loosely tied it to the original book. I think it was called "Pancakes For Breakfast" or something like that. Give me your honest opinions, but please be polite.

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