The Make Up

The Make Up

A Poem by Frances L. Phillips

A collaberation with Adam Jordan Turner






Once upon a time I lived my days with ease
With my head held high and heart on my sleeve
Though once upon a time there was a day
My head hung low and my heart ran astray


There once was a time That I worried naught
And lovely visions of you filled my every thought
There once was a time I had high and lofty goals
Of being everything that consumed your very soul


Little did I know, not one could acquire
The selfish little things your soul desired
That perfect type of being it longed to meet
Of which on course to find, failures shall weep


I cried a river of tears that your heart wasn't mine
But it belonged to others waiting patiently in line
But I am not someone who can sit idly and wait
For the things I need that apparently were not fate


Though I remember times, you must remember too
When your heart belonged to me, as if stolen from you
You said I had you trapped with alacrity and grace
Yet when I reminisce upon, you deny it to my face

Secretly I fantasize of those times I thought you mine
And blissfully relive those feelings so devine
I'll never freely admit you hold my heart still
But you just won't let it go I don't think you ever will


As life brings on each new day
I beg the lord, I kneel and pray
That somewhere in his grand design
I capture you and voice my mind:

"Here is how my days have been
Before I fight you somehow win

As the new day starts I guard my heart
Burying you in it's most sacred part
That no one will look and come to see
Just what you have done to me

Everyday I try I think it's a sin
I fight for my heart but you always win

If it is so, you can not lose
I must be wise with words I choose,
You came and stole a part of me
You came and stole with serenity

You came to give, but stayed to take
Me not knowing you would forsake
Forsake your love and all your care
Leaving a mess for pedestrian stares

You want me back my heart does cry
'Don't let him in you know he lies.
You know he'll cheat for what he wants.
Just walk away with what pride you've got.'

But you call me with that look in your eyes
And your passion my heart satisfies
But I can't be sure if I let you in
My heart and mind won't shatter again

So much turmoil I cannot take
Can my heart stand another break
Will it survive if again you roam
If I don't try I'll never know

As I take this shot in the dark
Please spare me your scornful marks
I only wish to follow my heart
And to give you, my love, a brand new start

Now the ball lies in your court
Do me kindly, be a good sport
Now my love is at your control
Please treasure my love, of which you hold

This is but your last chance
I've saved you this song, I've saved you this dance
If you turn and walk away
You will have marked my final days

So please let me live
Please let me love
Do not banish me
To the kingdoms above


I'll take your hand and let you lead
To places unknown that i've never seen
I'll give you my heart that was never mine
And let you take me on this magical ride

Just tell me that you'll always love
Your hand fits mine just like a glove
As we stroll this unknown path
Your heart truly mine atlast

So much of me is now at stake
As another chance on you I take
But love chooses not, this dance is so sweet
Such blissful relief for our hearts to finally meet

So please let me live
Give me your love
Do not banish me
To the kingdoms above"


Written By: Frances L. Phillips and Adam J. Turner



© 2008 Frances L. Phillips

Author's Note

Frances L. Phillips
O.K. JUST in CASE you hadn't got it figured out the red is written by me and the blue by Adam not that you didn't have that figured out but you never know... =) happy reading and writing!
P.S. You can read it one of two ways as all from the girls point of veiw or from both the girls and guy's it works both ways so whichever you like best...=)

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Added on April 1, 2008
Last Updated on April 1, 2008


Frances L. Phillips
Frances L. Phillips

Houston, TX

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