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Wrapped soft in wondrous night- 2011 Christmas Global Collaboration

Wrapped soft in wondrous night- 2011 Christmas Global Collaboration

A Poem by Shellie

My 3rd year taking part in this global collab; well done to all x


Twenty-six voices representing thirteen nations of the world singing as one for a moment of peace on Earth… and goodwill to all…  Many thanks to everyone who contributed…



We wander aimless in a world of tears

Now to a stable cross two-thousand years

Bringing our gifts to grace a moment’s time

We lend our voices as one in sweet rhyme…

Craig Froman " USA 


This is a time for sacred human rhyme

So through bless'ed love, embrace love's present

Material gifts do but represent

The love that does symphoniously chime

Gilad Levanon " South Africa


Wisdom through ages bear down on me now

Glorious, transcending beneath a star

Towards sacrifice and happier times

We covet love and peace from golden shrines

Poppy Silver - England


World of laity wanting to share love

And a world of souls giving thanks for love,

Accepting a gracious gift of true love

A child is born under a distant star.

Arthur Henn " USA


My heart swells as I pledge my most prized gift

Glorious eyes azure as

For you know that my bid could only be...

The eternal love of my love and me.

Helen Woodward -  Australia


This Scottish heather I lay before you,
Brings luck from afar oh newly born King,
And those who believe in this miracle,
For you we'll honour, worship, dance and sing.

Barbara Bell - Scotland


When I consider what means this one day:
That He who saves all there in stable lay
I cannot but ask what role I could play
To further His purpose, in my own way...

Mark " USA


How the pressure of winter skies reacts
Mouthing at the air, takes the stars to steel
How the street looks now in contented brights
The dark of a curb, to season of lights.

Haz  - Wales


Christmas tree covered in colourful lights,
fairy on top with her magical wings,
snow flakes are falling and everything's white,
those christmas bells ring and we're caroling!

Ghostofdawn - England


Let our love shine (all) through the season

And let it ring from every nation

That god's greatest gift is the (true) reason

We sing (out) for this merry occasion

Mauricio Montoya " USA


But words I offer, mumbled prayers, under breath
Goodwill for all, I don't want to be heard
But the heart means every muffled syllable
He speaks, prays best who speaks the silent word.

Tomás " Cárthaigh  - Ireland


Glistening snow cover christens the earth

And the barren world is changed to pure white.

It is by grace, through Emmanuel’s birth,

Such darkness is overcome with Love’s Light.

Michaela -


My heart beats fast with hope

Seeing the Christmas spirit in action

But my mind can’t help but conjure reasons why

These deeds are mere ghosts the rest of the year.

The Rock and Roll Cowboy " USA


For the pleasantries our smiles yield today,
harmonise the world firm in times of war.
So here comes santa on christmas carrol,
ready to share gifts to the eversmiling kids.

Abd-afeez " Nigeria


Dawn has now broken, the blessed day is ‘nigh;

Laying my gift of a DOVE at His side,

I whisper a blessing for this baby boy:

Beneath the most holiest sky, and its brightest guide.

Shellie - Ireland


The new born king lies in the manger,
As santa gifts even to the stranger,
As we hear the jingle of bells,
The story of merry christmas it tells!

Poet’s World - India


A child is born on this holiest day

A present for mankind beyond compare

We thank the Lord humbly: "Rejoice! Be gay!"

Lift up your voices, for Angels will share

WhiteWillow  -  USA


Merry christmas at last, has come

filling world with love,joy and fun

i have to hurry maybe i have some

of blessings before out, it may run

Khalid - Egypt


There’s LOVE, there’s PEACE nationwide

As we once again celebrate,
The LIFE, the FAMILY we all can find,
HE’s blessed us with abundantly.

Michael Mwachofi " Kenya


Before the manger I set down a gift:
A simple clay bowl, made with little hands
Which left the bowl empty, as do I now,
To fill it with unconditional love.

The Lonestar - USA


A saviour is born to this world tonight

To this cold, dark evening, he'll be the light

Tonight, the gift of worship I give thee

'least I can do for you who set me free

Tai " Guam


Christ-mass tinseled time for Celebrations song ...

A blazing yule log ... and good cheer-thoughts abound.

Tannibaum, and yule wreath... hasty puddings too..

All remind Us Joyfully ...season is for Who.

Eclipsing " USA


His love fills full your tenderness heart

Open wide the door, good news of voice

Ding, dong, dearest little Jesus is born

World to the world wishes a happy morn.

Jola " Poland


Beneath gleaming stars, Christ is born this night

A babe whose glory angels’ songs do tell

'Tis for this King who will save by His light

I come with adoration this noel

Lilly " Australia


I bring you my humilty, such that

My heart will open to learn from the young

For great men retain the wisdom of youth

and are honest before children and God.

Marie Anzalone " USA


This day, when pen is dipped in history,

I travel thoughts ‘cross ancient lands to see

Where in the sky a silver star hung bright,

And offer love wrapped soft in wondrous night.

Emma -  England

© 2011 Shellie

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wow, this is completely amazing!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is beautiful!! I haven't been by your page, I think, since I have joined around 6 months ago. This "poem thread" is one of my favorites on the site!! xoxo -Mark

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wow this is some good s**t... lol for real, the poets involved are excellent...thanks for does one get in on a collab-o?

Posted 9 Years Ago

the poets gathered bound their words, stitched together a healing lace to hold the holy spirit of Mary .
Mary so true gave us all his healing light

Posted 9 Years Ago

Holy songs of many hearts from nations fly around
To chant prayer for all to keep safe and sound

Posted 9 Years Ago

What a beautiful music flows through the words... the song of peace. It's always an honour to join you in this festive collaboration. Thank you so much for shining across the sea!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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