You Planted Dark Memories

You Planted Dark Memories

A Chapter by ShittyBakaFace

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1... 2... 3... 4...

tick tock tick tock

'just one more minute and I'll be there. Chis is waiting for me to celebrate our 7 month anniversary!! I'm so happy! There it is! His house! I can see it!' I think to myself as I round the corner of his street. My eyes sweep over his house, to his door I would be walking through, to the steps I would have to climb to get to the door, to the driveway-

Who's car is that...? I study the hot pink catalack as i get closer. 'This is a girl's car... and his whole family consists of boys... maybe its just one of his brother's girlfriend.' I think brushing off the feeling of dread growing in my belly. I climb the steps one by one, darkness folding around me, clinging to my clothes and hair, trying to get inside... I reach the door, my heart thumping in my chest as my hand slowly rises to knock on the door. The dread in my belly is growing, filling every nook and cranny of my being. Sweat springs from my brow as my hand comes in contact with the door finally.

knock knock knock

I wait while taking deep breathes to calm myself. The chill is almost overpowering, growing more and more as nothing happens. I rub my arms trying to rid myself of feeling. Then a noise. The house is creaking, footsteps running down stairs to reach the door. I stare at my feet, waiting for the feeling to prove that something is wrong. The door opens, and light floods out pooling around my shoes. I look up through my lashes at the tall, muscular boy with shaggy black hair and brilliant, bright, green eyes. My head snaps up and I glare at him straight in the eyes. "What are you doing here Slater?" He looks at me puzzled, "I could ask you the same thing." I stare at him like he's stupid, "Ha. It's common sense. I suppose that ugly pink thing is yours?" I smirk. His look of puzzlement turns to a dark anguished look. "I think you better leave Iris." I glare at him, getting pissed off by the second. Why the hell is he even here on this day of all days?! Didnt Chris tell him? I know he is Chris's friend and all but seriously! "And why the hell should I do that?"

"Because Chris is making out with another girl upstairs." I stared at him blankly. The dread Pricked at my eyes. I stared down at my shoes blinking away the tears. My hands curled into fists, the nails biting into my hands. Blood dripped down to the concrete, sprinkling, planting proof of my pain and what happened here tonight.

"Iris? Hey Iris stop that, dont hurt yourself please! I swear if I had known you two were still dating... He said that you had broke up a month ago...."

A month ago? So for a month, I have been blissfully living in lies...

"Iris?... Ill take you home."

"No. I'll walk. Just leave me alone." I didnt sound like me. My voice was low and had an edge of sadness in it. All wrapped up in poison. I turned, the darkness swollowing my mind. The last thing I hear is, "Iris wait! I'll help you! I'm better than him! I'll treat you right!" 'What is that supposed to mean.' Then Blackness swollowed everything up.

Tick tock tick tock. 1... 2... 3... 4...

I open my eyes, waiting for them to adjust. I sit up, the springs of my bed groaning. "God... why? Why this dream again? I ALREADY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!!" I  screamed holding my head in my hands. An abrupt thump on the opposite side of my wall gets my attention, "Shut up!!!" My mother screams. I stare blankley at the wall letting the tears run down my face for a bit longer. Then i sniff and wipe my swollen eyes. "i hate it here..." i whisper turning onto my side. This night wouldnt get better. Tomorrow would suck just as much and maybe even worse. No, there was a HUGE possibility of it sucking much worse. You see, My mother is a drunk, abusive, w***e. When i was 8 i lost my virginity because she sold me to the man she "loved". When he left, she started drinking even more and started beating me. Every night theres a new special someone, and every night i get slapped, burned, or cut for talking out of line at a costumer oogling me. I clean the whole house every day, and cook meals for her. Im lucky if i get any scraps. Im thin, too thin, and my hair is a dark brown mess of matted, crusty hair. My eyes are sunk in and the light seem to be gone from them. They used to be a pretty purpleish color. Mom envied them.

I sighed. I wont be able to fall asleep after that... every time I have that dream, Slater's last words to be get louder and louder.

I wonder what it means...

© 2010 ShittyBakaFace

Author's Note

k yeah... im just lazy. next chapter will be her waking up from finally falling asleep.

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Nice chapter, and interesting dream. Wonder what It means. Love to read more! Mind notifying me?

Posted 7 Years Ago

In dialogue, even it is part of a dream, start a new paragraph when a new speaker speaks.

I ALREADY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!!"(avoid multiple punctuation. One exclamation will do, as the caps pretty much states it. As for the caps, it will ultimately be up to an editor if they use them or use italics. I seen both in prose.

"i hate it here..." i whisper (no need for tiny font, the whispered following states it. And "I" should not be in lowercase.)

No, there was a HUGE possibility of it sucking much worse.(use italics for huge)

This is the start of interesting story, just needs a little polish.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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