Mo Ghra

Mo Ghra

A Story by kpie

The smells of old paint and long ago decayed meat was pungent and was all I remembered when I was left in that place, barely alive, and tied to a at and a low tapping from the sound of my own blood.


Mo Ghrá


“Hey, isn’t that …” A dirty blonde man looking to be in his mid-thirties had stopped in his tracks, ice blue eyes locked on an old warehouse farther down the harbor. He was of average height around 5’11” and had a thin muscular build; he was attractive with a five o’clock shadow and shaggy blonde hair that stopped around his shoulders in messy layers. He seemed to be watching the building as if it were a ghost, as if it held some type of significance to him. Another man stopped beside him on the dock, and let a small smile pull across his lips. This man was much taller, around 6’4” and held a medium muscular build; his eyes were cat-like and golden, watching the old building with a thoughtful look in them. Much like his counterpart he was handsome, however looked to be in his late twenties and had shorter, layered, dark red hair that stood out like a sore thumb. Something about this man seemed different however, almost inhuman in the way he carried himself and the time weathered look that lay within his eye. Finally he spoke as well, an accent that hailed from old Ireland carrying his words, “Aye … that is indeed.”


As if this was closing the subject, the redhead started walking farther down the port towards a ship that was waiting. A small group was already at the dock’s end and appeared to be waiting for the two: three women, and three men. The blonde however stayed in place a moment longer, icy eyes fading into thought as if he had been placed in a memory.


“Oi, Pops! Let’s go!” The brunette male looking no more than 28 was calling out, watching the blonde with a soured expression from the end of the dock; he was one within the group ahead of the men.


Finally the blonde smiled and waved towards the party, catching the pair of golden eyes that had looked back to watch him. “I’m coming you brat!” He headed forward, not looking back as if he were leaving a piece of himself behind in the old building that lay falling apart in the city of Mihal.



The smells of old paint and long ago decayed meat was pungent and was all I remembered when I was left in that place, barely alive, and tied to a chair.

That and a low tapping from the sound of my own blood falling and hitting the floor to pool beneath me; I was sure I was going to die that day.


And then something strange, something miraculous happened.

Something the likes of me never would have expected.



“S**t, a fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into this time Vincent …” The voice was weak and belonged to a man looking to be in his mid to late twenties; he was sitting upon a chair, tied in place and covered in bruises and blood. Even the dirty blonde locks that hung just above his shoulders, cut in uneven layers with side swept bangs, were coated in the red substance; the icy eyes that lay within his head were searching around with a weary look within them, as if he were slowly fading from consciousness from loss of blood. “I should have just sold ASH out … then again Raid would have killed me for that. F**k.” His eyes had locked on a door far across the room, it was blurry and he found a face popping to mind; a boy, a brunette, no more than 19 years old with a conflicted sour expression to be exact. The man frowned, sadness slipping into his gaze as the whisper rolled from his tongue, “Leo … looks like Papa won’t be coming home from this one.”


“Do you constantly talk to yourself in such a manner or should I blame it upon the blood loss?” An old Irish accent cooed from the shadows, sounding clearly amused despite the view.


Vincent’s eyes shot up, their icy gaze scouring the dimly lit room as if he were expecting another blow from the shadows, “What come back to kill me finally?” A laugh caught his attention from a corner of the room near the door and finally a man stepped forth, tall and looking in his late twenties. He seemed strange, far more than the old accent that hung on his lips and the golden eyes locked upon the blonde sitting before him like a tied piece of cattle. He was well dressed, sporting a pair of black dress pants, a red button down and a black waistcoat; within his pocket lay a golden pocket watch who’s chain was clipped to the side of the hole and hung elegantly as if he had stepped from an old movie. “A mobster I take it?” This was the blonde best guess from his attire and the smug expression playing the redhead’s face.


The man laughed, stopping a few paces ahead of the groggy blonde to shove his hands within his pockets, “I’m of much higher class than the likes of those things. I smelled something interesting, something a bit delicious … so I came to investigate and here I find you.” The cat-like gaze was dominating, looking the blonde over as if he were a piece of meat marinating in his own juice. “I thought you would be dead after all that but here you are, holding onto yourself as if you’re afraid of the Goddess’ judgment.” He’d witnessed what had gone on here, and heard every word that had been exchanged between the blonde and the four men �" obviously from a black market family �" that had taken their leave upon giving him such parting gifts. “You’re an interesting human, Vincent was it?”


Vincent coughed for a moment, spitting to his left a bit of blood and bile that had risen within his throat, “Depends upon who’s asking.” So this guy wasn’t with them, huh … who the hell was he? Especially saying such things as human; and those damned eyes … they were creeping him out. They were penetrating, as if the redhead were searching his soul despite knowing already how it looked. He felt his world going dim slowly, his consciousness still fading as the figure started to blur at its edges. “What do you want?” The words were still a whisper, for this was all the blonde could muster. His head was starting to feel heavy, shoulders tired from trying to break the bindings that held him to the wooden seat. That was the start of his confusion, of his surprise even … for a hand had reached out and broken the bonds as if they were twigs. The blonde felt his body fall forward onto a sturdy shoulder which supported him delicately, taking note of the blade wounds and holes left by bullets in his extremities and torso. “They really did work you over …” The voice was in his ear, the same that had been half way across the room only moments before as he felt his body go light and a pair of strong arms gather him up bridal style. Vincent coughed, icy eyes already starting to close, “What are you doing?” He barely got the words out as his cheek fell against the shoulder to his right.


“It is not your time to die, and I fear this failing world of ours needs more men willing to take such as this to protect those they hold dear.” The accented voice spoke lowly, genuinely, as if something heavy were upon his mind as he lifted the wounded male and started heading out of the building. “I thought this type of selfless bravery died out long ago �" think of this as your reward. Your life will be returned.”


He’d been preparing to say something, anything, from pure confusion or gratitude yet he was unable to do either. His voice had failed him, much like the last bit of vision his body had allowed. Vincent sighed, and allowed himself to fall off into the world that lingered close to the line of death and sleep. He did not know whom this man was, or why he had suddenly taken him up; nor did he understand many of the things he said for he spoke rather fast and his accent was trying on the blonde’s ears. He only knew warmth had spread, as if life had been forced back into his gut and was wrapping itself around his broken body the moment the fingers had touched his skin and lifted him from that chair. He knew he felt safe, as if an angel had descended from the clouds and taken him on wing to personally see that he survived; before he finally allowed sleep to take him the blonde allowed a small thanks to slip from his lips and rise upwards towards the heavens. To the gods, to the universe that surrounded him … and of course to this man who had appeared like a dream.



I remembered blackness, silence, and the low rocking as if I were being shaken by the sea; the smell of salt hung in the air as I breathed.

I slept like that for days, until another scent filled my nose of incense. It was strong and welcoming.


When I opened my eyes I was no longer in that dark pit of death but in a bed with silk sheets and light flooding through an open window.

When I opened my eyes I felt a small pang in my gut, almost of loneliness, for when I woke … he was not there.



Where was he?


The blonde male sat up as his groggy eyes searched about the room in confusion. He remembered little of before he’d passed out, and even less of how he’d gotten into the king bed laid with red silk sheets; he was in a large room, one that most would expect a king to reside within in filled with shelves upon shelves of books and golden trinkets and treasures. There were maps that lined the walls, drawing of strange things and creatures he would not have been able to think up even in his dreams. Vincent finally found the large window to his left, and looked out of its opened curtains and shutters to find a vast valley with a mountainside in the distance. Trees twisted with small blossoms of light pink, ones he’d heard about only on the continents that lay across the sea to the east. Wait … had he not been dreaming of the smell of salt water? Finally the 27 year old looked down and find that his clothing had been stripped and replaced by a linen robe with an intricately tied knot on his left hip; this was a kimono wasn’t it?


“You’re awake it seems.”


The voice was familiar and caused the blonde to look upwards instantly �" he was here. Finding the golden eyes watching from a large open door Vincent swallowed lightly, struggling to find his voice, “Where have you taken me? Who are you?” At this the man laughed and entered the room finally, dressed a bit less formally than he had been upon their first meeting; his waist coat was missing and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. The redhead closed the door behind him and crossed the room to sink into a sit atop the bed, hands ever present within his pockets, “This is the city of Akeno, it lay across the sea from Mihal in the country of Orian. This is my home away from home �" this is my room so I take it you haven’t disturbed my books or treasures. I’m rather protective of my trinkets …” His gaze flashed towards the glittering objects possessively before landing back upon the confused pair of icy blues. “As for me, I am Cael; and from the information I’ve found about you �" you are a very dirty man with a steady hand and a knack for killing others from far away. The smell of gunpowder upon you now makes sense my dear sniper; though playing both the rebel group ASH and the families that lie in the pits of the black market isn’t a very smart way to live … I take it you learned your lesson?”


Vincent stared, slightly shocked from the bombardment of information as well as the sincerity that lay within the willing words that left the Irishman’s lips. “How long have I been sleeping?” At this Cael smiled, apparently amused from the look he’d been given, “Nearly a week. You slept the whole boat ride as well as a few days after we reached the city �" my fiancé was very angry with me for bringing a man home. I have a bit of a reputation that followed me from my youth … she thought I’d gone and found a man to replace her with.” Vincent turned a bright pink at this direct accusation, and found the laughter that followed after his reaction mildly infuriating. “You have a knack for teasing it seems.” Yet there was something �" an emotion that had flashed in the golden eyes when he’d mentioned that word, the word fiancé … what was it? For it made the blonde’s brows knit and an unsettled feeling rise in his stomach.


Cael smirked, clearly he found this man amusing, “Only when I like other beings. I have a reputation of being a cold, selfish, lizard to be honest.”


Vincent had been ready to say something in return however found he was unable to move, for the fingers from days ago had pulled from the confines of their pockets and had reached out to move a few blonde strands from his face. This alone caused the blush to restore itself and turn a bright shade of red, “For someone to call you a lizard … and you speak of humans and smells so strangely. What are you?” The fingers seemed to tense a moment before catching his chin and lifting it softly; Cael watched him, eyes curious. He was debating something, and his knit brows gave this away instantly. The room was silent before the redhead finally took a delayed breath and allowed the words to flow from his lips in a whisper, “I know you have heard the stories of Drakes, for they are normal fairy tales to the likes of your kind. Would you believe me if I said I was one of these beings? One of the beings born from the death of a man and dragon bound by destiny �" a blend, a creation of their two beatings hearts by our Goddess?”


“Yes.” The icy gaze found the golden orbs slightly shocked, maybe from the directness of his answer or the unwavering belief within his words. Why would he not believe such a thing? For this man was magical, and had saved him much like an angel sent by Avyanna herself, “You are not like me … and I dare say I could not aspire to be like you if I tried. To believe you’re a part of the magic that created our world would be a rather easy thing to do … yet why you saved me, is an answer that escapes me.”


Cael stared, fingers frozen in mid-air beside his companion’s cheek; he seemed to be caught off guard and slightly afraid of this very realization that he could be. “So you have blind faith and courage … dare I ask how you’re still breathing in such a world as ours?” Something was circling his brain, for he appeared to be deep in thought and having no intention of stating why he held such a reaction. Standing the 28 year old shook his head and shoved his lingering hand back into his pocket, “Why I saved you, you ask this … of course you would ask this type of question.” Without answering he walked towards the door, opening it and paused only to speak, “When you’ve rested a bit more come down, my woman would like to meet the man I brought to our bed.” Without another word the large door made of cherry wood was slammed and Vincent was left alone to soak in the information he’d been given.


He fell back into the pillows and buried his cheek into one, eyes closing as he took a deep breath. Finally the blonde froze as a scent he’d recognized filled his nose from the fabric … cigarette smoke and musky cologne that only a man of high class would wear. He had been sleeping for days upon that man’s pillow. That alone caused the blonde male to turn red again from the sheer words that had been spoken only a few moments before. He couldn’t sleep anymore, especially not on this pillow or in this bed. Pushing himself upwards he found the floor and stood on shaking legs. Vincent remained stationary for a time, simply regaining control of his limbs before heading for the large doors that had been pushed closed. Upon opening one he mentally cursed, for they were much heavier than Cael had made them seem. Seeing a long hall lined with doors the icy gaze searched them and found the walkway empty … was this place a palace? Deciding to go to his left the sniper headed down the corridor quickly, trying not to make much noise as he scanned for a familiar shock of red hair.


“May I ask why the man whom my fiancé brought home covered in blood and smelling revolting is sneaking about my home much like a thief?”


Vincent froze in his tracks, the female voice that came from behind him forcing his attention to turn and fall upon a young woman. She was small, barely 5’4” and built petite; she looked of oriental decent and had hair as black as night that hung down in a straight curtain to her ankles. Her eyes were strange, cat-like, just as Cael’s had been yet were glowed a lovely silver as she watched him. She certainly didn’t look pleased, and he had to admit he wasn’t too pleased either. There was that word again, fiancé … he really disliked hearing that damned word. Nodding towards the woman he forced a smile, “Not sneaking I assure you. I couldn’t sleep any longer and Cael asked that I make myself known when I was done resting Miss … ?” He was probing for a name.


“Yuki; the owner of his palace as well as half of this country, and I’ll pray you not forget it.” Yuki glared, her lips set in a thin line. Apparently she wasn’t the joking type like her companion, for she held a stern eye and a sharp tongue. “I take it he told you what we are?” At the last sentence Vincent tensed … she was a magical being too then. “Yes, he did.” Yuki ignored the answer and pressed passed the man without a second glance, “I’ll ask that you regain your strength and then be on your way … your presence here annoys me and distracts Cael. There is much going on without him having to feed a pet human.” Without another word the woman rounded a corner and the faint sound of a door opening and closing echoed back down the corridor before fading into silence. Had that been jealousy he’d heard within her voice? Vincent stared long after the woman wandered off, her words still heavy upon his mind. A pet? So he was viewed as a pet? Sighing lightly the blonde headed farther down the hallway until he caught the sound of a turntable, and the soft melody of a classical quartet muffled by a door. The tune, he recognized it for his wife used to play it often in their home. Without waiting he reached a large door made of blackened oak and pushed it open lightly. What he found was a library, and the man he’d been looking for sitting within the center with his nose buried within what looked to be a weathered leather bound volume of some sort.


Cael didn’t break his eyes from the page, and simply motioned for the blonde to enter before turning his page, “I see you’ve met Yuki … quite the snippy thing is she not?”


Vincent closed the door and laughed uneasy, “That’s not the type of thing you should say about your beloved.” At this the redhead scoffed, eyes finally tearing from the pages of his book with a strange look about them, “Are you married? I noticed the golden band upon your finger.” Vincent had wandered over to look over the books that were stacked neatly beside the drake, and shook his head lightly. He took down a novel in particular with a strange title that lead one to believe it was about travelers of strange lands and races, “I was to a lovely woman named Anna. My wife was killed two years ago with my unborn child; my adoptive son and I left our home and joined the rebel organization ASH after this happened.” Despite his best efforts his voice shook as the woman’s name rolled from his tongue �" his heart still was plagued from guilt and sorrow over this. The ancient seemed to pick up on this for his hand left the novel that he’d been reading and gave the man at his side’s arm a soft pat, “I’m sorry for your loss. I know the pain of it for my people are a dying race �" torn apart by war and plague over countless centuries. There are only three of us left: myself being a Fire Drake, my sister Yuki being a Wind Drake, and my brother Aldrich being an Earth Drake. Our father, Zu was a Water Drake and passed away fifty years ago next month.”


Sister? “I thought that Yuki was your woman?” Vincent placed the book down, confusion apparent upon his face. At this Cael laughed and returned to the pages he’s been looking over with a soft smile, “She is both, for our race must continue. Duty is something my kind is very fond of, and as such she and our people are my duty.” Suddenly the situation made sense, and the blonde man found himself watching the facial expression of the other; it was pained as it had been in the room when the topic was first brought up. Duty? So marrying a woman whom one viewed as his sister out of obligation was still something in this day and age? No wonder his expressions lacked warmth, and his words often sounded tired, “I see … I’m sorry for your troubles as well.” Looking to another book the sniper picked it up and smiled lightly �" it was a romance novel, one that he’d read before that was set in the far off past of the world. “I haven’t seen this title in years.”


Cael instantly looked up, seeing the name and a light appeared within his eye. “Do you read often?” His interest had been piqued, so much that he pulled the dark framed glasses from his eyes and placed them atop the open book he’d been nosing through. Vincent laughed, nodding reluctantly, “I don’t read as much as you seem to but I certainly read. Why else would I believe such a tale as this? For I feel as if I’ve wandered into a fairy tale with all this talk of dragons and this situation I’m in currently. I dare say I feel like the damsel in distress that was saved by a knight in …” His words trailed off as his icy orbs locked with the golden pair that had taken to watching him curiously. The redhead was smiling lowly, a soft glow present within his gaze that had replaced the tone of helpless duty and misery from the topic previously, “Yes?” At this the blonde laughed and sank into a sit, “Well it would be more scaly armor in this story, wouldn’t it?” At this Cael laughed wholeheartedly, in a way his shoulders shook and his eyes crinkled at the edges from his grin.


There was that warmth in his stomach again, the same fire that seemed to wrap around him the day he’d been found. It was welcoming, and kind … maybe it was this drake’s aura? “I should leave soon.”


At this the ancient reached over to tug at a bandage that had been wrapped around his shoulder beneath the left side of his kimono, “You’re not healed yet. I won’t allow you to leave until you are.” This action, much with the words that accompanied it caused Vincent to freeze yet again … this feeling �" it was familiar. The fingers lingered at his collarbone a moment before pulling away and fidgeting as if the being whom they belonged to had forgotten something important. Cael returned to his book, pulling his glasses back on, “I have some hot tea if you’d like … and all of the books in here are free range. Please make yourself at home while you stay with us.”


Vincent smiled, looking towards the kettle his companion had nodded towards, “Do you mind the company?” As if an unasked question had been answered the drake lifted his eyes and smiled genuinely, so much that it caused his knit brow to soften, “I’d like that … No one in this city appreciates books so I often read alone.” Vincent returned the smile and stood to pour himself a cup of tea, “Do you need more?” Hearing the drake grunt in response he took the cup that had been extending towards him, filled it and placed it back in the waiting hand before pouring his own. Finally the blonde sank into a sit on the redhead’s left and reached for the book they’d been talking about a few moments before.


Cael took notice of this and lifted his cup of tea to his lips before clearing his throat, “I rarely have conversation about books as well … we could also talk about that novel in your hand if you’d enjoy it.” Before he could even open to the third page Vincent closed it and placed it within his lap, eyes looking over to catch the golden pair happily, “I’d enjoy that very much.”



I remembered a sinking feeling when I heard the word fiancé leave your lips, much like the look that flashed in your eye.

It was there for only a moment and left as quickly as it had come but it was a look I recognized.


It was pain, sadness. Such feelings that one should not experience when they mention such a word.

For some reason, when I saw those emotions appear within your eyes I felt a pain in my heart.


I wanted to erase them. I wanted to make them vanish.



Vincent was wandering down stairs eating an apple, wearing his clothing that had been finally returned to him; it had only taken three weeks. They’d been cleaned and mended and he felt right at home in the pair of patched jeans, the white t-shirt and plaid button up that he wore open across his torso. In these last two weeks he’d slept a great deal, and when he had not been sleeping he’d been in the library with a familiar redhead pouring over books, or talking about the books … and even venturing upon topics past the worlds that were hidden on the pages. They spoke on their pasts, of their families and he took the time to tell the man of his rebellious adoptive son Leo. Cael equally told him about his country �" not this one but the lands covered in green that lay far away from these that were covered in castles made of old stone and magic still wandered in every day streets. He’d come to enjoy these tales, much like the ones of the drake’s youth and his adventures growing up in various spots across the world. However he had not been told of Yuki, for she as well as their engagement seemed to be a topic both stayed from like the plague. Aldrich though, his younger brother, he had been told much about; this included their fighting as well as adventures when they would go treasure hunting together in the deserts.


In fact he was headed there now, to the library that was, for he was going to snag a book and then head out to the garden to enjoy it. Cael had informed him the day before that he would be busy today so the sniper planned to pass the time reading. Reaching the large room he found the title that he’d picked up the first day he’d entered the room, and with a smile turned to leave and head for the large glass doors near the back of the palace. All of those who lived in this home were kind, and he liked the cook very much �" he had a good sense of humor and seemed to know Cael well. The two often talked of opening a pub in the city’s heart, for the idea of bringing a bit of his home to this place made the fire drake’s eyes alight with a youthful glow. He’d even taken Vincent to where he’d intended to place the bar in the city itself. Rounding a corner the blonde stopped in his tracks for he heard a familiar voice … but it was angry.


“He needs to leave!” Yuki had been the one to state this, voice heated and sounding more emotive that normal, “The way you watch him; pet or not it’s not normal. He is not your kind, he’s a human!”


“He is my friend, and shall leave when he is ready. Human or not, he stays and I dare you not test my patience on the subject for I am not in the mood to argue it with you!” Cael snapped back, voice deadly and clearly annoyed. “Jealousy doesn’t fit you at all, especially when you have no right to feel such an emotion.”


“No right?! Have you not seen the way you watch that blonde b*****d?! Your eyes lust after him every time he moves; the mere mention of him by his name or otherwise sends your pulse upwards. Do you think I’m blind, that I’m stupid Cael?! I am older than you, but I am not daft!” The woman’s voice had taken on a tearful edge before she was silenced from a loud roar that sounded much like a feral growl from a beast. Cael apparently was the cause of this for he snapped finally, “Do not test me, Yuki. Blood or not, you know better than to state such things �" I know my place. I know my duty and I dare you claim I do anything to jeopardize it again! This may be your country, but I shall still be respected here!”


“I speak not of duty. I speak of your feelings, for when you look at me it is as if death has taken you and when you lay eyes upon him it’s as if the Goddess herself has given sight back to a blind man. Do not take me as a fool.” Cael roared again, “Yuki you are testing the limits of which I will listen. I will not stand and be insulted. I am to be wed to you �" and your jealousy of a human is unbecoming.”


Vincent listened to the conversation in silence, eyes large from the harsh tone that had been taken by the voice he’d become so accustomed to hearing in a soft whisper. The kindness that was usually there when he was addressed was gone and had been replaced with a forceful tone that demanded respect; by the tone of a dragon. This was not the Cael he knew �" this could not be for the pain that laced in his words as he spoke hurt the man listening’s ears. Without waiting to hear more, without waiting to see if he’d been discovered listening, the blonde turned and headed back for the library. He’d read there, he’d drink some tea or maybe a bit of the brandy that the drake had hidden on the last bookshelf in the room. Rounding the corner he opened the large door and closed it as silently as he was able to before heading straight for the back of the room and the brandy that he’d only thought of a moment before. Reaching the shelf he sank into a sit and grabbed at the bottle before taking a large drink from it; when the blonde put it down he coughed, the taste hitting him hard for he wasn’t one for straight drinks usually.


He needed to leave. He had to leave.


Those very thoughts caused a sadness to well inside of him, one that much resembled the loss of the woman he’d married years ago. No, he couldn’t think of it as that for if he did the words that Yuki had spoken would be true. … If he thought of it like that then he would cry himself for he knew not if they were true, but he found a place in his being that wished they were. Taking another drink from the crystal glass he heard the door open and close softly as well as the shuffling of feet before they stopped at the shelf he leaned against and paused on the other side. Vincent took a breath, waiting for a storm for eavesdropping, but instead the familiar voice he knew came �" the kind, gentle voice that he’d become used to over the past few weeks spoke to him. “I apologize for you having to hear such things, as well as for her insults. She’s a prideful woman but is possessive �" it’s unfortunately a trait that runs in our family. Forgive her.” Vincent took a breath, the emotion that tugged at the old accent causing his heart to hurt; the man sounded sad �" as if he were exhausted and ready to collapse in a heap. As if Cael were reading his thoughts he sank into a sit on the opposite side of the case and buried his head into his knees. The blonde listened to the silence for a moment, finally finding his voice, “I’ll leave tomorrow.”


There was a shuffling, and within a few moments the ancient had rounded the corner and sank into a sit in front of the blonde man. Without warning he’d reached out, and pulled the sniper into an embrace before resting his chin atop the mass of blonde hair. “I want you to stay … not as a pet. You aren’t my pet so please forgive me if I’ve acted as such.” Vincent stared, unable to speak as he’d been encased by the arms that had carried him from his doom once more and listened to the words that both warmed his chest and broke his heart. Shaking his head lightly the blonde reached upwards to grasp at one of the hands that were holding him in place, “You never treated me as a pet, so be quite about that nonsense. But staying … I can’t stay … if I stay …” Not wanting to hear these words Cael pulled the man a bit closer and hugged him tighter, his golden eyes closing tightly as if the room surrounded by books were a sanctuary. “Please stay. If only for a bit longer … you remind me of my home. You make this place warmer, more tolerable. My pride may be destroyed but I shall beg if I must should it keep you here, for without you here I may lose all spark within my belly …”


At these words Vincent felt tears tug at his eyes, and forced himself to bite his lip to keep himself silent. That feeling, that warmth of happiness … he knew it well, for it had escaped him since Anna’s death. Since he’d lost three unborn children to two miscarriages and the last with the death of their mother; it was a mountain that sat atop your chest and suffocated you. Tragedy, sadness … loneliness �" he knew these troubles well and for such a being to be shaking as he spoke, to cling to a mere human and ask such a thing. He couldn’t take it. “Cael please, I treasure this place �" these books and that tea kettle. Your silly plans for pubs that get you scolded by Yuki but should I stay I fear I may never leave here.”


“Then stay here with me forever for I wouldn’t mind. I would never complain of your presence and she wouldn’t speak a word of it again I promise you.” Cael was speaking softly, selfishly for he knew he was; the words were heavy and despite the genuine way they rolled from his tongue he knew the answer to them. Such a thing was impossible. Vincent seemed to know he didn’t have to speak for he felt the shoulders he’d been pressed into pull him a bit tighter and he forced out a laugh, “I didn’t know damsels had to save dragons.” At this Cael laughed lightly and whispered, “But you have …”



I don’t know why I did such a thing thinking I could get away without you noticing, much less with the weight in my heart.

I woke in the middle of the night after we spoke in the library, after you held me for nearly an hour and I muffled my own crying …

I woke that night and I just ran straight for the docks and hopped on the first boat I could find.


I didn’t know what I expected really, but I knew that if I stayed in that home I would ruin you.

Yet I knew if I left that home I would ruin myself all over again.



It was raining, pouring to be honest when he sat up in a bed and stared out the window with a look in his eye that was both a mix of determination and heartbreak.


Vincent had ran, all out jumped from his bed and torn down the hallway without much thought; he simply ran and burst through the front doors of the large home and headed down towards the port of Akeno without a second thought. It was early morning, far too early for the suns to even think of rising into the sky and he could barely see as he pushed through the empty streets praying that a ship was sailing. His vision was blurry, and he was stumbling for he was holding back tears and unable to look back towards the home he was fleeing from. If he looked back he was scared that he’d see a large beast following after him … or worse nothing at all. That he’d realize he’d never see those golden eyes or that snarky grin that man played when he was teasing. Tearing around a corner he nearly lost his footing and sighed in relief as he spotted a boat, a trader’s boat at that, ready to head back towards Mihal and it was starting to raise its anchor. “Wait! I’ll pay you handsomely if you let me on!”


“Run boy! We can’t wait but if you can catch up we’ll let you on!” A man was calling, waving for the blonde to hurry up.


At this Vincent pushed his legs harder and hit the docks quicker than he’d expected to; he ran towards the end of the wooden mass and jumped, praying that he’d make the boat that was already pulling away. He did, but just barely, and only caught himself on the side �" the man whom he’d been calling to helped him up with a laugh, “You act like you’re running from that family that lives up on that hill.” Vincent sighed, catching his breath with labored breathing, “And if I am?” Yes! He’d made it! He’d gotten off of that continent and would be back in Mihal on his way to Jelena in no time. Hang on Leo, Papa was coming home! The man seemed to swallow hard, “I don’t think you’ll be getting very far and I hope I don’t get gutted for helping you …” What was that about?


Vincent lifted a brow and looked up, turning in time to see a familiar face fall from the sky in a flash of smoke as his form changed from that of a beast to a man. S**t.


“What the hell are you doing, leaving in the middle of the damn night and not even taking the time to say goodbye!?” Cael was snapping, soaked from the rain and clearly furious. The blonde recalled the conversation that he’d overheard with Yuki and that ungodly terrifying roar. Flinching when the man threw his hands upwards in agitation Vincent swallowed hard, eyes closing as if prepared to be sucker punched, “Please don’t kill me. I didn’t know I was a prisoner �" if I had I would have stayed in bed!” More like if he’d known he’d been caught he’d have stayed in bed; silence after this statement caused the blonde to open an eye tentatively. Cael? Was he so angry he couldn’t even speak?


“You idiot …” The redhead had calmed almost instantly, his voice soft as it usually was when addressing the blonde. “I’m not angry because you were a prisoner … I’m angry that you would leave without even telling me goodbye. Is my existence that unimportant to you?” At this Vincent snapped back to reality, eyes large at the sagging shoulders and dough like eyes that were watching him �" that man looked closed to tears. “No … that’s not …” The blonde shook his head furiously, “If I had seen you I dare say I wouldn’t have been able to leave …” The words seemed to lift something heavy from the drake’s shoulders for he reached out and cupped the face of the man before him and leaned inwards, “You’re soaked, you’re going to be sick again …”


When the hands touched his skin Vincent started and without warning lifted his hand to wrap it around one of the palms holding his cheeks, “You should go. Yuki will be furious.”


“You stupid man … I didn’t come all this way to tell you goodbye. Even if I had I dare say I wouldn’t have been able to leave.” The old accent cooed, and the redhead leaned his forehead against the soaked mass of blonde before him. “I’m afraid I found a treasure far more important than those that lay in my room on that hill, or in the books that I read countless times … and to think it was so dirty when I found it I barely recognized it at all.” Vincent shuddered, his shoulders shaking as a wave of tears finally broke over his lids, “What?”


“From this moment on you will not leave my side; my roost is with you, where you go and I shall look over you like you are a precious stone. You spoke of being saved when all I did was help a man that didn’t deserve to die … while you.” Pausing Cael took the male into his arms and embraced him, “I have not felt this alive in many centuries … I feared that I would die an empty shell of the being I once was and then I found you.” Vincent sniffled, speaking between sobs, “I didn’t know dragons needed saving!”


“And yet you have saved one from a fate far worse than death.” Without saying another word the man took over the whimpering lips with his own, and grasped the cheeks he’d been holding so tightly he was scared he’d break them. He had betrayed his duty, his legacy, and the continuation of his species … for a human. Breaking the kiss to look at the now familiar icy gaze Cael cooed voice low and laced with the deep tone from his home,

Tá mo chroí istigh ionat.” One of his hands touched the man’s chest lightly, as if feeling for the beat of his heart before he lifted Vincent’s hand and placed it atop his own beating organ.


Vincent shook his head, “I don’t understand.” When the lips found his ear and whispered the sniper felt his knees go weak as the words hit him like a bullet: “My heart is within you.”


He promised himself, after that moment that he would learn this language and return this saying for the tale he’d heard long ago of a dragon and a man bound by destiny erupted into his mind. Maybe this tale spoke of something else … maybe, just maybe, this tale spoke of love and not death to bring forth life. He certainly liked that take upon it better at any rate.

© 2015 kpie

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Bold Italics are thoughts/memories.

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When you describe people put in a more natural setting. He looked at him with golden alien eyes. He rubbed his blue eyes. Also your story jumps a lot and it makes it confusing. Work on transitions some. Your word choice is good just need to work on your organization.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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