Internal Conflict.

Internal Conflict.

A Story by Sicarius

An internal conflict takes place in a coffee shop


Everyday, same time same place. I walk along the cold grey sidewalk towards the cafe. I never noticed how dark the side walk gets when it rains until now. The sidewalk gets darker and darker with each passing drop of crystal-clear water hitting the pavement. Like a glass dish smashing against the wall. I don’t know how long or often I have been coming here. Must be at least 8 months now.

            I enter the cafe, and like always, the bells chime to alert the barista of my presence. She looks at me and smiles. It’s the beautiful smile that keeps me coming back to this place. She has raven black hair and matching nails. Her lips are bright pink in contrast to her porcelain skin, and they shimmer in the light provided by the dingy bulb hanging above. I walk up to the counter and she’s already got it made for me: one green tea soy latte. She smiles as she hands to me.

“Green tea soy latte, for the lactose intolerant Mr. Ferguson!” She smiles at me and it melts my heart.

“Please, Lily, we’ve been over this. Call me James.” I smile back.

“Alright, James it is.” She says with a laugh.

            I know tomorrow it will be “Mr. Ferguson” again. It’s always “Mr. Ferguson” again. I pay with exact change and leave a 4 dollar tip for her. Of course she smiles at me, it’s her job. I move to take my seat by the window as usual. She probably thinks it’s so I can look outside and admire the beauty of the city. It isn’t there is nothing I find attractive about this dismal place. So instead I regard her. Washing the bar, refilling coffees. Its different everyday, but I enjoy it.

            I take a sip of my latte and tell myself that today is the day. I’m shaking a little. Who am I kidding? She would never want me. I glance at my reflection in the window. Rough skin, calloused hands and eyes so brown they’re practically black. My hair is wet with rain and I have random facial hairs where I missed shaving and I have razor bumps from where I didn’t. Of course she wouldn’t want me. It’s still raining outside. Sighing, I look around this horrible place. I want her. That decides it, I am going to do it. I muster up my courage, and the light bulb above her flickers.

            I get up, and the chimes ring again. I look over to the door and see a man with flowers in one hand and an umbrella in the other. The barista squeals in delight and runs over to him.

“Lilies for my Lily” he says.

             She smiles again, but a different smile. She takes the flowers over to the bar and puts them in a vase. She busies herself with them and with him and I take my leave. I open the door silently, the chimes don’t sing for me. I disappear into the dark grey city.

© 2013 Sicarius

Author's Note

I don't think I have ever let anyone read this. what do you think? where can I improve?

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This is a terrific scene. It's told in an original voice, simple, direct, no frills but just the embellishment of real life and real people. I fine piece. Please share more.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Internal Conflict. The title grabbed me as soon as a iaw it keep writing and message me when you publish something this is really interesting !

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I enjoy reading and writing, I haven't written much and am very shy to let others see it. so please be kind. more..