Shade air

Shade air

A Chapter by Angel of the devil

chapter one


I still can’t believe that you are lying about your age to everyone at school. Why?

There are many things out there that would harm you. I have to protect you. I love you shadow. And I would do anything to protect you.

I love you too. What things? I thought school was a safe zone?

Not anymore. Not when they come to our school. Once they come to our school, the hunt will be on. For us and them.

Who is they?

Emily water and oliver earth. Once they come to our school, we are in trouble.

Water, oliver...are they what i think they are?

Yes, they are. Emily is the water element and oliver is the earth element. We can’t, on any sircumstances, trust them. We can’t let them know what we are.

May i ask why we can’t trust them and let them know who we are?

If they were to learn about us, what we really are, not only will they be in danger, but so will we. That’s why we cant trust them at all. We have to stay away from them.

Well, if you don’t trust them, then I don’t trust them.

Good. I hope you trust me, though….

Shade, i do trust you. I trust you with my life. I love you. My hope is that you trust me.

Shadow, i trust you with my life, and my heart. I trust you completely. I love you. Which is why, I want to ask you a question. Shadow fire, you are the only person I have ever loved, I have known your for 15 years, and all that time, i have loved you. I have dated you for 10 years. And now i wish to ask you something. Shadow Fire, will you do me the honor, and become my wife?

Yes, shade air. I will marry you. I love you too.

I watch shadow reaction as a slio the pure fire stone ring on her finger. And i think to myself that she is the most beautiful woman i have ever known.

You have just made me the happiest man ever.

I have never been this happy. But i hate to break up the moment, but look at the clock.

As shade looks at the clock, he sees that is is 7:40

Oh, we got to leave now. I will drive

© 2016 Angel of the devil

Author's Note

Angel of the devil
i have way more written, and i will add the rest on here as soon as i can! thank you for reviewing and waiting for me to add the rest of chapter 1 on here. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow that start off like oh no then like awww and then like oh man. Great read love it yours truely a mad lord

Posted 7 Years Ago

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ok it started off ok, but could have used more detail, now the marriage thing is ok, but a little early in i think

but i like to read more when you get writing

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Angel of the devil

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