It started out as a simple,"Hey."

It started out as a simple,"Hey."

A Poem by ~ P e o n ~

A poem about a girl who likes a boy...but the boy forgot who she is.

It started out as a simple,"Hey."
Then it worked it's way up to flirting all day.
And then it grew into something bigger than before.
It was then that our friendship turned into something more.
We hung out all hours of the night and we'd kiss when either one of us was in sight.
Are love was passionate and it seemed so true, but then you forgot me, like I was someone you never knew
God whatever happened to that boy I liked? The one who'd snuggle with me all the time.
He was my crush and my very best friend, I guess I really did love that boy in the end.
And honestly, I wish everything could go back that way.
Just turn back time to that special day we met.
But it's over...You don't seem to love me now.
You probably met someone new and that's how you forgot me.
And I hope your happy with that new person.
I just feel so damn sorry for whoever loves you!
Because you''ll probably just forget them to.
And though I've been rejected so many times now.
I'll figure out what to do with my love life somehow.
Just don't go around breaking too many hearts,
Because just breaking mine was a bad enough start.
Do you wish I end up happy to?
Or do you cuss at me, when I'm not there, like I do to you?
No, I don't even blame you for what has happened.
It was my fault, really, for saying what I said.
You know...the part where I yelled out," You're such a dumb a*s!" 
Then I left, cried a little, and after a while I laughed.
I guess I laughed because somehow I knew this would come to be
Because, truthfully, a guy like you isn't meant for a girl like me.
Was I really that bad though? It didn't seem like that on my end.
All it seemed was that maybe we could try to mend our broken relationship.
But that never really went out as planned.
Because, for one, you forgot me like I was some old fashion trend!
Now that I think about were pretty bad
Because you'd always be mad over the littlest things!
And it bugged me whenever you thought you were right, when really you were wrong, and because of something so stupid...we'd fight.
Gosh we were weird in so many ways.
We were such an awkward couple, I can't believe we lasted for however many days...
By the way, I think I met someone new!
He's cute, funny, and waaaaay better then you.
We talk all day long and joke most of the time
Damn he's so fine...That I can't stop thinking about him!
Are you jealous of him? Because you know you should be.
I mean...can't you see how much sexier he is?!
I think I'm done now, because I've spoken way too much.
Just don't forget that we're supposed to hate each other and such.
And maybe, even though we're over, we can still be friends...
But now that I think about it, that'd be a bad idea because I know I'd just fall in love with you...again...

© 2013 ~ P e o n ~

Author's Note

~ P e o n ~
To be honest...I love this poem cuz it's a true story! This happened to me! So when I was depressed about it I threw it into a story/ poem :) I hope u liked it as well!

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Added on July 16, 2012
Last Updated on June 28, 2013
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~ P e o n ~
~ P e o n ~


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