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About Me

My NEW name is Peon it's pronounced [pea-uhn], if you don't know what it means it's definition is: a grunt, a hard-worker, someone who is the "bottom of the totem pole", a person of lesser rank or importance. Of course Peon is not my real name but it's what you can call me. I chose it because...I guess I wanted to show the world that someone of low class can work hard and achieve their goals, perhaps more so than a person of higher class. Anyway, I am 14 years young or about 5,369 days (it's a guess)old in the year of 2012. My birthday is either October 2nd and/or May 17 anyone you prefer because I like them both. My gender is: female. My hair and eye color are brown and my height is 5'9. My favorite meat is Bacon and my favorite snack is pretzels. I don't particularly like vegetables but I do favor fruit. My full time favorite anime would have to be...Sword Art Online (which is new and hasn't finished yet) and my favorite book would be...hmm...that's a tough one, maybe: Babe in Boyland or the Evernight Series. My writing I'd say is less than an amateur but more than a newb (newb meaning: a newbie or rookie at something). I have to say I'm really bad at dialogue, I was never properly taught how to actually type or write it so bear with me. Also my stories tend to always start out confusing, but then again so does every story, right? If I could have one wish in the world it'd be (this is going to sound incredibly cheesy) to have real friendship. If I had a million dollars I'd spend it on (I'm being entirely serious)well more like I'd give 50% to my parents so they can split it, 25% for something to do with a baby charity (I can't help it there my weakness even though I find them terribly repulsive when they are first born), 5% to my high school, 5% to my sister, 5% towards my education (collage or something i guess), 5% for my person use, and the last 5% to my brother. If I could have one super power it'd be to...change my appearance entirely (even my voice) anytime I wanted to. Why? Because I think I'd be more of myself around people and I could get away with a lot of things (not bad things...well not ALL bad things). My favorite animal are wolves. In the future I plan to own 5 husky puppies and have 2 adopted children. My dream job is...unknown to me. My motto is: Smile (it has a deeper meaning though I don't feel like explaining so just think hard about it or you can read my story I KIND OF wrote on it, KIND OF!). Am I smart? Ha, you're funny... Who is my favorite person? Although I really don't like favoring people or putting them in categories it'd have to be my sister (even if most the time she's incredibly vexing). My religion is waiting-til-I-die-to-find-out-whatever-is-out-there. My pet-peeve is too many papers scattered in front of me (I have no idea why, I just get frustrated when it happens). What really bothers me? When people talk about you and you can hear them, they don't think you can hear them but you can. Because what that really means is that they meant for you to walk away first so they could talk badly about you so in other words their being a two-faced...person (I'll keep it pg for everyone), and that really BUGS me. My favorite compliment: Your a good listener. The scariest thing I've ever done: hit a beehive with a horseshoe (don't try this at home... or anywhere else). The worst thing I've ever done: Temporarily borrowing 140 dollars without asking (which I payed back double by the way), I know I'm a delinquent...I should be put in jail (;). The worst thing I've ever said to someone: Go home (I'm not explaining it but it was bad if you were there). Have I ever lied? Who doesn't? Have I had my first kiss? Depends where...(I'm not a pervert or anything, it was 2nd grade...you know kids these days...). Am I a virgin? I'm not even going to bother answering that... What is my favorite thing to gain? Hmm...right now it'd be money (don't judge me for this...). My favorite question: What is the number for 911?!?! I DON'T KNOW MAYBE 911!!!...WHAT AN IDIOT...(hehe...). WOW this thing is long! or it feels long (pfft) I was talking about this profile about me thingy...Oh and if you see the exact same picture, name, and profile of a person on fan story that's because....ITS ME:) so I'm going to stop for now! Thanks for reading, I guess?