Infidelity and Lust

Infidelity and Lust

A Story by SnuggleBunnyQueen

This is just the starting of a story that I am writing. I am unsure if I should make it a book or keep it a story. Please keep in mind that every few days I will be adding to this story.


            Catherine had been married to Timothy for more than a year now. The vows they had said seemed so easy then; now, not so much. Catherine started looking at other guys again and loved when they could give her their attention.

            Catherine had forgotten what it felt like to be spoken to as a human being. Lately, Timothy had been making her feel worth less than the dirty that is stuck between a dog pads on its paw. She had contemplated suicide many times, but didn’t because it gave him too much control over her actions.

            There was this guy though that she had known since her and Timothy had gotten together and he treated her better than a prince would treat a princess. She felt the same way she had when she fell in love with Timothy; if only it was him making her feel this way again, rather than someone else who didn’t deserve her.


            Catherine’s cell buzzed. It was a text message from Jack. “Do you want to hang out today? I’m free if you are too.”

            Catherine responded, “yeah because I want to talk to you about some things that have been on my mind for a while.” Catherine and Jack had always been able to talk about everything. No matter how outrageous, if anything, all they would do was laugh it off.

            Jack always seemed to put a smile on Catherine’s face, no matter how depressed she had been prior to being around him. Even through a simple text message saying hey made her day a little brighter it seemed.

            Her cell buzzed again. She read, “Meet you in 10 at the park by the community center.” She responded, “sure, I’m already headed out the door. I’ll probably be there in about 5.”

            No sooner than she arrived at the park was her phone buzzing wildly. This time Jack was calling her. She felt her heart skip a beat; she answered. “Hello.”

            “Hey yourself, smart one. I take it that you just pulled into the park.” His grin was so smug that you could almost hear it in his voice.

            “Yeah, I did. How did you know that?”

            “Turn around and you’ll see.”

            She spun around on her heels faster than she should have because it took her breath away. When she was able to focus her attention again, she saw Jack walking towards her. She smiled and started walking towards him.

            “How did you get here so fast though? You never told me you were already on your way out here!!!”

            “But it should’ve been obvious when I said it would be about 10.” Jack chuckled at her. Catherine seemed so much like a ditzy blonde, even though her hair was so dark brown, it was almost black.

            “I wasn’t thinking about that at the time! We haven’t gotten to hang out and just walk and talk for a while now.”

            “I know and I’m sorry about that.” Jack took Catherine’s hand in his. His eyes showed that he was sincere about that statement. “You said you wanted to talk to me about some things that were on your mind?”

            “Yeah, I do want to discuss those things with you.”

            “Ok, but I have one request before you start.” He led her towards his truck, opening the door and offering his hand to help her up, which she had scoffed off not needing any help in. He walked around the other side of the truck and got in.

            “What’s the request?” Curiosity in Catherine had really peaked. Jack would talk to her about a lot of things, but his past wasn’t one of them normally. Catherine had been pushing the subject, but not over-stepping her boundaries as his friend.

            “Don’t laugh at me when I say what I want to say to you.” All Catherine could do was nod before he continued. “I know that you’re bisexual and all…but I started imagining me being a female just to have a chance with you, because I know that I could never get your attention as the guy that I am…” He left his sentence hanging, seeming almost ashamed of opening up his emotions to some of the rawest that he can describe.

            Catherine was stunned. She hadn’t expected that. She reached out for his hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. “You actually did very well. You started off my conversation without even a word from my mouth though…” She paused before continuing, “And you shouldn’t count yourself short because you are more important to me than you think, and there is still a chance that you might have a possible chance with me.”

            “But you’re married already! How do I have a chance with you? I have already missed my chance because if I would’ve realized I had feelings for you I might’ve said something earlier than now.”

            “Well, lately, I haven’t been too sure that Timothy wants to be married to me. I am actually thinking of getting divorced from him because of everything. He treats me like I mean nothing; like I’m not even worth my name. It has gotten really bad. That’s one of the reasons that I have been trying to get ahold of you so badly lately.”

            “Because I told you when I first met you that if you ever needed a friend to talk to, all you would have to do is shoot me a text or call me and I would be there for you.  I haven’t been the friend that I said I would be…” Jack hesitated. He wasn’t sure what was going through his head anymore. She had caught him off guard entirely.

            I wrapped my arms around him. I needed to feel the warmth that I had felt once, what seems so long ago with Tim. Tim wasn’t here, nor did it feel like he cared enough to be here for me. Suddenly, Jack wrapped his arms around me, almost in an attempt to keep me warm.

            “It’s okay, I forgive you for not being here the way that you said you would be.” I watched him shake his head in disapproval.

            “Let me make it up to you please? What are you doing Saturday?”

            “Nothing, why?”

            “Sara leaves on Saturday and I was wondering if you would like to go with me to Austin to take her back. I know that you two have been getting along better…” It sounded like he was trying to sell her on getting away from the house for a little bit. Her school term had already ended so she had nothing really holding her back.

            “I would just have to make sure I have someone who is willing to watch the baby. Otherwise, yeah, I will go with you to make sure you stay out of trouble.” I was teasing him partially, but at the same time, I was hoping that I was his trouble that he was getting into. I needed something, or someone, to make me feel alive again.

            “That’s fine darling. I know that Shayla comes first between us. I can accept that like she is my own child.”

            “Let me call the damn ‘lady’ and see if she wants to watch her grandbaby.” Jack nodded while I picked up my phone, dialed her number and tried to start acting cordial to someone I despised.

            “Hello, this is Mary.”

            “It’s me. I was wondering if you would mind watching Shayla Saturday so I could get some major work for school done. The last two projects are due on Wednesday and it’s the final two. I want to get them done by Sunday.”

            “Yeah that’s fine. If you want, you can drop her off Friday evening. That way you can have a good nights rest before you try tackling all of that work you have to get done.”

            “Ok, thank you. I will see you Friday afternoon then. Do y’all still rotate at 5?”

            “We moved it back to 6 lately because of me working again.”

            “Ok. Ill swing by around 7 then. That should be enough time for y’all to get rotation done right?”

            “Yeah, I’ll see you then.” Click. That was the end of that conversation.

            “That’s taken care of. Now to deal with you.” I smiled at him. Something was making me feel freer than I had in a while.

“Why dealing with me? There’s no reason for that darling.”

“Oh but there is babe. However, we need to find a way of staying together tomorrow night.” There was a playful tone in my voice. I hadn’t tried to flirt with Jack, or anyone for that matter, but it seemed my innocence was appealing to males.

© 2012 SnuggleBunnyQueen

Author's Note

This story is going to be updated every so many days...Please keep reading this to see what I can improve. This will also be posted on my blog.

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I think I prefer it as a short story. I love the tragic idea of someone being married already and I wouldn't want you to make the story too long and lose the quality

Posted 8 Years Ago

Good beginning with interesting, personable characters - the dialogue is particularly well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago

oh wow Interesting

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is an interesting concept. The start of yet another affair by a taken-for-granted wife. However, I pity her. She is just going from the Devil to the Deep Sea. At least the Devil is a known one. What holds the Deep Sea? I can see the sad end of another short-lived fairy tale of her life. It would be interesting to see how you play it out! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you for your review. I am looking forward to continue writing this story. There is a lot that .. read more

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I am a working mother of one, also while going to college online. Writing has always been one of my passions though. I write free verse poetry and short stories. I would love to expand my horizons th.. more..