Mary's Letter

Mary's Letter

A Poem by John Dennis Gillespie

We wander and We Wonder.


Dear Mary,

We wander and we wonder. It’s incredible how you and I spent such little time together only to feel as if forever wasn’t impossible. There are many roads to lead to the possibility of our affection staying connected through every dark night and stormy weather. When is something ever achieved without hard work and legitimate effort? Every day we grow stronger and our days become decreasingly numbered causing us to wander and wonder. With every passing day, I speak poetry into your ears and you hear each word like a passage written from a beautiful thunder. I want my words to you to be strong enough to shake your universe and soft enough to make you love me. I do not have hope that you’d fall in love with my words because words become stories and stories become tales. Tales seldom prevail to maintain complete and utter truth. However, nothing does. Nothing; except for love remains true and once these words are spoken, the speaker of this emotion is permanently woven into the heart of the receiver. I will not dare say that I love you yet, for fear, prevents me. But, I know, from the moment we kissed my heart did once tempt me. I whispered the words under my breath, low, so you couldn’t hear me. I had a reason to believe that you should run away from my love and fear me. I am a wanderer. My soul leaves so quick and when this town slips from under my grip, I pray that you won’t with it. I am a wonderer. My thoughts prevent so much emotion that it’s hopeless at times to feel. I never want to lose your smile, Mary or those lips that feel surreal. I always want to be able to peer into those green eyes and get lost in their haze because they glow like summer days. I always want to hear your voice because it flows like ocean waves.

You are a world of your own. You are my home. When I wander, I want to return to you even when the time is gone. In these few weeks, you’ve become a part of my being and my experience. You are the inspiration of my lyrics; the fire in the pit of my spirit. You are the motivation for my tears; those tears that drop like atom bombs on top of any cheers. You are the image in my head when I think of who I’ll leave behind, in such little time, you’ve changed my mind on so much. This isn’t love Mary. This is unexplainable. This is a word that has yet to be written and idea that his yet to be philosophized. This is a verse of the most eloquent song that deserves to be idealized. You are perfectly simple. I love to be perfectly simple. Simple still-love in this ever motioning world, this every changing world, this ever painful world. Can we have a day where we just stare into each others eyes and listen to music? Can we have a day under the willow tree where we lie down and write our letters in the summer breeze? Can we write and read and sing and be together as long as God permits? I want simple things from you. I don’t want sex. I don’t want your life. I want simple things; happiness, smiles, love, and friendship. Simple.

I have my whole entire life to wander and wonder; but I don’t need to journey to find a home in you and I don’t need to think about how to care to care about you. Encoded in my DNA is the principle of care, compassion, and companionship and no matter how far I go, I always will care about you. Simple.


John Gillespie

© 2013 John Dennis Gillespie

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Added on October 8, 2013
Last Updated on October 8, 2013
Tags: Love, Poetry, Romance, Wandering, Journey