Amanti Maledetti Excert 1

Amanti Maledetti Excert 1

A Story by Alisha Martin

From the book I'm working on.


I followed Ella obediantly as the hostess led her. The smell of mexican food swarmed the air and smothered my face.  Senseless chatter was dull in my ears as I took my seat next  to Max. She smiled and gave me a tight hug. Our waitress suddenly materialized out of a crowd of people, pen and pad in hand.


"Hey guys, we doin' good tonight?" She asked, popping her gum and smiling wide. Our chorus of 'yeah's' was less than pathetic.


"What'll we have to drink, then?" We fell silent a moment, until Emile dictated that Iced Tea was suitable for all. She recorded this in her tiny pad of paper and assured us she'd be back soon.

"Do you ever let anyone make their own decisions?" I snapped, peeking up at him as I opened my menu. I could feel his glare eating a hole in my head.

"I gave you a choice, didn't I? Stay, or go. You chose to stay." His voice was but a growl.

"I'm beginning to regret it." I spat, and even I caught the quick flash of pain that crossed his ever smooth, emotionless face.


I was finally breaking through. 


"Guys. Really?! Not now! We are going to have a nice, normal lunch! Got it?!" Ella demanded. I sighed. For Ella, I would at least try.


"Normal? Are you serious, Ella?" Emile didn't even bother to hide the poison in his voice.

"Quiet, Brother, at least I'm trying." She said through clenched teeth.

© 2010 Alisha Martin

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Alisha Martin
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whoa this is really thrilling to read hun :D
very intruiging

Posted 14 Years Ago

I like how the reactions are all tense and stuff, and how you put in that the waitress popped her gum while talking, makes it seem pretty real.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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