Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Sparrow

Faye meets Auden and love is in the air. Her mother gives her a surprise when she awakes the next morning and life will never be the same.


         The Caudwell tavern sits peacefully inside a rock mountain in northern Dagrogan. The dug out rooms are covered in greens and browns with occasional red. Wooden stools and tables fill most of the rooms. Old wooden posts support the roof and hold in place torches for light. The smell of whiskey invades your nose as soon as you open the circular door to the underground world. The small town is filled with Elves, Dwarves, and Humans. For centuries we have lived together as one in our Country of Adventine. Coble streets, wooden houses and cave dwellings, much like the tavern, can be seen for at least ten miles in either direction. Fields full of crops and flowers surround the city to the east and in the west beautiful mountains rise into the heavens. The Adventine River flows down from the mountain and splits the town in two. Children and their mothers walk through the streets, some entering the grand chapel in the middle of town. This is my home.

            “Faye we must be opening the tavern soon!” my mother yells from the first floor. I sigh as I walk past the large mirror hanging by the steps “of all the colors in the world the gods gave me this” I said unhappy and gesturing at my bright red hair. “Faye my girl what happened to your braids?” my mother asked, pulling me into the kitchen. She stands tall just like her parents and she has the signature Caudwell look, blonde hair. Most men in the town are afraid of her and they have good reason to be. She’s a buff woman and it’s her way or no way. “Faye I need ye to help serve in the tavern tonight.” She said while pulling at my hair braiding it. “Where are Adele and Margret?” I asked becoming annoyed by the constant tugging at my head. “Adele has been engaged and won’t be working for us anymore.” She said then got up and grabbed her cloak “I’ll be seeing you down at the tavern soon I hope.” She yelled then rushed out the door. I sat and looked out the window as the sunset gave the town a weary look. “Adele gets everything. A husband and her own house, why can’t I be like that?” i asked myself then got up and left for the tavern. “A haughty man of six foot nine came walking by with one big stride-“ singing voices made their way out of the tavern and to the road. I slipped into the dimly lit bar and hung my cloak on a peg. “Ah look who came tonight my boys!” a fat dwarf yelled as I entered the room. “Ay now Mr.Fedor she’s only a child now mind your manners.”  My mother said while handing him a beer. “Faye grab a tray and help me serve the drinks!” she yelled towards me. I slipped on an apron and took a tray to one of the back rooms “here ya go men, will that be all for you?” I asked while passing out the beers. “Aye girl bring us another we have more men coming.” He said then pushed me back. I scurried down the empty hall trying to avoid the small mice when I ran into him “Watch were you’re going filthy maiden.” He yelled. I bent down and picked up the tray then looked to him and was about to give him a word or two when I noticed his eyes. Instead of a dark green or brown like most the people have his were bright blue eyes and pierced through you. His blond hair fell just below his ears but you could tell he was an elf. “I’m sorry sir” I said trembling then went to step around him “what are you scared of an elf?” he asked then grabbed my arm. It wasn’t that I was scared of elves, I lived alongside them since birth, it was his eyes. They looked deep into your soul, like he was trying to read your thoughts. “Names Auden how bout you?” he asked then released me from his hand. “Faye, my names Faye.” I managed to say while observing this stranger. He seemed to be about my age, possibly into his twenties. His tunic hung loosely around him and fell over his tan pants. “Well Faye I’m sorry about earlier, nice meeting you though.” He said then took off towards the back room. “Auden, what a lovely name.” I thought to myself then went back to work. The night flew by and soon enough my mom was sending me home. I closed the tavern door and pulled my cloak around me tight. The wind was over powering the drunken men’s singing along with any other sounds. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and I spun around to see who it was. “Do you mind if I walk you home? It’s late and you never know who could be out here.” Auden asked. I smiled up at him then continued to walk down the old street. A sudden blanket of warmth filled my body as he wrapped his cloak around me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders “You looked a bit cold.” He said with a cheesy smile on his face. “Auden exactly why did you follow me out of the bar?” I asked. He looked at me with a puzzled face then leaned down and kissed me. “What the hell is he doing? He doesn’t even know me and wow this is really nice. No! Stop it Faye! Snap out of it!” I said to myself. “Faye I’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me.” He said then started to back up “Auden don’t go I-I liked it.” I admitted then grabbed his hand. “Faye I can’t do this. I’m sorry but it’s extremely complicated.” He said then took off running down the road. I walked backed to the house and was greeted by Adele “Well look who decided to come home.” She said. I walked past her into the kitchen and grabbed some bread “Adele why are you still here? I thought you got engaged shouldn’t you be living with him?” I asked as I scarfed down the bread. She sat down across the table from me and chuckled “I should be but alas he hasn’t returned and it would be improper for me to live there alone. Shall I tell you about him?” she asked with a huge smile on her face. Adele was a year older than me and looked more like my mother then I did. She had been living with us as long as I can remember but she wasn’t family. “Go on then” I said and grabbed another piece of bread. “Oh Faye he’s gorgeous and not that much older then I either. He’s a tall fellow too, almost six feet four inches! And his hair oh Faye his hair is golden and curly and falls over his eyes in the funniest way.” She went on about him. “So tell me Faye whose brooch is that?” she asked and pointed to a golden leaf brooch hanging off my cloak. “It’s just a friends, must have got stuck when I gave him- I mean her a hug.” I said and pulled the brooch off. “Oh he’s I mean “she’s” an elf? She must be a very high class elf if she has a brooch like that.” Adele said then stood up “I’m off to bed sleep well.” She said as she walked away. Soon after she left I made my way up to my room and stripped down to a tunic “Auden why would you give me your brooch?” I asked myself while holding onto it tight then drifted off to sleep. A soft knocking on my bedroom door pulled me out of my sleep. “Come in” I mumbled then fell back into the bed. The end of the bed sank as they sat and I sat up to see who it was “Auden? What why?” I said before he interrupted me “I think I’m in love with you Faye. Last night I couldn’t stop thinking about you and this morning was even worse. When I saw your mom at the tavern I figured it would be safe to come over here.” he said then pulled me close to him. “I don’t know what to say.” I spurted out. “Don’t say anything just come with me back to the great city and be my wife.” He said then pushed me back onto the bed and kissed me passionately. “Miss. Faye tis time to awake.” Adele said walking into the room. Auden sat up trying to act like nothing happened “Auden!?” Adele screamed in horror “How could you do this to me! We were supposed to get married, have children, live happily forever!” she screamed. “Adele I do not love you. My heart belongs to Faye.” He said calmly. Adele glared at me then Auden and stormed out of the room. He reached down and grabbed my hand then tried to kiss it “Auden no!” I yelled and pulled back. “Faye what is wrong with you?” he asked and moved closer. “No Auden I can’t do this.” I said then got off the bed. “Faye I need you right now! We need to talk!” my mom screamed. “No!” I kept saying to myself. Auden got up and held me close to him “Faye I was going to tell you-“ “Faye get down here now!” my mom interrupted. “Auden please wait here I’ll be right back.” I said then ran down the stairs. She and Mr.Fedor from the bar were sitting at the table. “Faye you remember Mr.Fedor right?” she asked. In adequate lighting you could tell the man was well in his forties if not older. His dirty hair hung down past his ears and his beard reached to mid stomach. He wore a brown tunic with dirt stains all over. “Yes I do. How are you sir?” I politely asked. “Aye I see she’s got manners now how is she with the house work?” he asked than laughed heartily. I franticly looked to my mom to see what she had to say “Best cook I’ve got and does a decent job cleaning the place.” She said and laughed along with him. “What is going on?!” I asked scared. “Faye we’re losing money at the tavern and Mr.Fedor had offered to help on one condition, ye marry him. I know you’re still young but the man is getting older and needs himself a wife and family. You were bound to get married soon anyways. Everything’s been worked out and you’re now his wife. I’ll see that your stuff gets to his place by tomorrow now go make this man a happy husband.” She said then excused herself from the table. The small man jumped of the chair and walked over to me “Well me wife let’s get back to our own home” he said then grabbed my hand. I sat on the small stool and watched as he scurried around the house looking for something “Mr.Fedor can I help you?” I asked. “No I’ve got it under control and please my dear wife call me Galion.” He said then pranced back over to me “Now how about we get started on that family of ours.” He whispered then pulled me through a door to a bedroom. “Galion I can’t do this” I said and tried to pull away. For the next hour he tried everything in his power to get me into bed and when it was clear I wouldn’t go willingly he tied my wrist and pushed me onto the bed. I laid there and cried as this small dirty man violated me eventually finishing himself so as to reproduce with me. “You’ll learn my girl. No one tells Galion no” he said. He untied my wrist then left me in the room alone for the rest of the night. When I awoke he was sitting in a chair next to the bed “Good to see my wife had finally woken. Let’s get to it than shall we?” he said then climbed into the bed with me. “You can’t keep doing this to me!” I screamed and tried to hit him. “Oh but I can and I will till you bear me a son!” he yelled then slapped my face. Again he violated me and continually hit me as I cried out in pain and sadness. When he was done he threw an outfit at me and gave me a list “Make yourself useful and go get some food.” He spat threw his teeth then slammed the door. I hurried to get dressed and ran for the front door but he beat me there “You are to go straight there and come right back here. If I hear that you’ve gone anywhere else there will be punishment.” He said then shoved me out the door. As I entered the market I saw Auden sitting alone by a stall. “Auden please help me!” I cried out as I got closer. He came running towards me and took me in his arms “Faye what happened to you?” he asked while gently touching the bruise on my face. “Oh Auden she went off and sold me like I’m some sort of furniture!” I sobbed into his shirt. “Please Fate calm down and tell me what happened.” He said stroking my hair. I pulled myself together and wiped the tears from my eyes “She gave me to Mr.Fedor and all he’s using me for is children! Auden he’s so cruel and he beats me every time. I can’t take it anymore I would rather die than have to give him a son!” I broke down crying again. I looked up into his blue eyes which were now a dark silver “I’ll make him pay for it Faye. I’ll kill the b*****d if I have to. Come, you’re not going back there.” Auden said then grabbed my hand and kissed me.

© 2011 Sparrow

Author's Note

Tell me what you think of the first chapter. Thanks for reading!

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