A beautiful sin

A beautiful sin

A Poem by Alexandria

She comes to terms with her self...

how the world is filled with lies, lust, greed, and wrath

This beautiful sin, is only that a sin and a mistake

to the world , to her family, she is known as this beautiful angel

but in the crows eyes shes only disqust, a lie, a sin, a souless mistake that he made

She whispered in his ear " I love you"

but now when he remembers, his stomach turns, his heart drops

See this is only a fraction of my story but you will catch on

he caught on to the veins that pulled him in, she pulled him in to her haven

her secret sanctuary, but she fell and made a mistake, what you look at that shes not an angel ater all!


Shes the crown Jewel of satan, his chess piece, a modern eve

But she fell in love with a crow, and beautiful one


Behind my red veil is only lies, full of tricks and gold


I am full of lust, underneath this cold sheet you could touch me anyway and i would only ask in return to steal my breath and make me ache


I am full of pride, i only wish to die beautiful, if only  the car flipped over like it should have...I would be a beautiful story to tell, when im gone


Greed is my lifes possesion, I hate sharing whats mine, he was mine, was my crow, if only I can find him I would lock him in my heaven and promise to never let go


And anger punishes me, angery with myself...at him...at her....at the world that I just want to abolish, boiling blood , her mind a never ending inferno

but her heart is made from gold and lillies


I am nothing more than a single rain drop, cold, wet, harmless

but yet he backs away from me if i was satan himself.

Shes aloof to the world, and more than anything

she rather dive sky high


smoking her last ciggeratte with whiskey on her breath,she comes to terms with herself ...







© 2010 Alexandria

Author's Note

...um yeah...tell me what you think

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Sounds like the recollections of a woman reflecting on her past actions--how she focused totally on what she wanted, rather than what anyone else wanted. It sounds like she was a total "taker"--not a "giver". After living hard and fast, people like that always end up alone

Posted 11 Years Ago

Sounds very sad........ Like the confessions or a tortured soul. Very dramatic Lexi. Full of life and of drama. The word pictures here come to vibrant life.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This was amazing on so many levels... it speaks deeply of vanity and how those who rely on material things and looks to full fill there life make them more hollow the older they get... simply fantastic.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I love these two lines "I am nothing more......satan himself". This person feels so real to me. On the one hand she is this beautiful angel who is perfect to everyone she meets, and to her love. On the other hand she is this sick, twisted, lustful person that she never knew she was. Something happened and her love finally realized what she was on the inside and disappeared and now she is broken and doesn't really understand. That is just how I see it when I read it. This is beautifully written, well done.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Just as your other poem this poem has meaning and good points. Especially the beginning when you say "The world is filled with lies, lust, greed and wrath." So true. I don't believe anyone goes a day without sinning in one of these ways, doing one of these things. It's hard not to. A thought provoking poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

i loved this :)
especially this part:
Shes the crown Jewel of satan, his chess piece, a modern eve
But she fell in love with a crow, and beautiful one

but it gets a little confusing in the parts where its first person and second person.. its still awesome though. i liked how you started it and ended it the same

Posted 12 Years Ago

Now this one is good... really good. I love it. :-)

Posted 12 Years Ago

I love the depth and power in your words, a true perception of life.

Great piece!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Powerful, sexy, deep, personal, great imagery. Loved it. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

nothing more than a single rain drop, cold, wet, harmless... Good line.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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