A Story by StatAnimalLover

     A silhouette stands at the top of the hill. Her black hair is pulled back into a tight pony tail brushing across the back of her neck in the wind. She's wearing a dark blue t-shirt and a waist high ,black skirt just that ends just above her knees. Her legs covered in bruised and red marks forming around just above her ankles from her grey converse. Her clothes may not match and they may be plain, but she's still pretty. The wind comes at her side as she watches the sun set. It pushes a tear running down her cheek off to the side. She closes her eyes, squeezing them so the tears leave her lashes. She imagines the orange of the sun set drifting through the wind. It blows all around her, surrounding her body in a brilliant orange light. She feels it pull away all her pain and her troubles, she feels it push her toward the light.   
     She feels the orange light whisper in her ear. Though she can't make out the words, the message is crystal clear. The whispering is comforting and loving beyond nature. She feels a sense of happiness she's never felt before as she feels her legs move forward towards the light in her head. Towards the Sunset, she walks every so slowly. She can hear nothing but beautiful music and sweet voices, guiding her to love. Love she's never known, happiness she's never felt. The sounds in her head drowned out the sounds of the train, with her eyes shut she let's the happiness guide her. She doesn't notice the feeling of stepping onto the tracks and she doesn't hear the sound of the train's horn. But for the first time in her life, she feels like she's doing the right thing. She feels like no one will yell at her and hit her for what she's doing. She doesn't know what she's doing, but she knows, deep down and way above, she's doing the right thing. With the impact, comes release.

© 2013 StatAnimalLover

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Added on February 28, 2013
Last Updated on February 28, 2013
Tags: suicide, paths, trails, train, orange, healing, love, light, happiness