The Third Child

The Third Child

A Story by StrangeCaraway

A nonZENsical conversation!

Two children climb inside a roaring bird of flight! They leave for 2 weeks. When the roaring birds of flight scream to a halt and the two children climb out, a third child greets them. He is scared of these roaring birds due to a bad experience his mother told him that his father once had long ago. He had since read all he could and watched all he could of bad experiences with roaring birds of flight. When he sees the two children, he scorns them for their acts of flight!

"You were in flight on those horrid birds weren't you!?"

The two children laughed.

"Of course we were! They are here and willing to give us rides, who are we not to see where they take us?"

The third child boils in his thoughts, that began to spill over and scorn and hurt the two children.

"And so where did they take you?! I bet they take you nowhere, and you'll be no one for it!"

The two children began their fantastical stories of towering trees with fists the size of moth balls, punching holes in the passing clouds to make homes for out-of-town bees. Kings, with beards so long the beards grow they would wobble around in stilts made of tabernacle leaves woven in with blue and white stripes and green trim. Except King John, who sits above them all passing down judgment fairly and belovingly. Pinecone staff in hand he sits in the heart, spouting such wisdoms as "Hark and hear, all is vibrating! There is a rhythm to us! Find your groove and pitches!"

It was somewhere around the purple rhinos who rose up chickens for competitive wind sprinting; which happened to be quite popular in the region as that it was the communities main source of income.


It was around that time that the third child broke the two children's streams.

"You didn't go to any of those places!! Those Birds of Flight take you to a part of the atmosphere that kills your brains cells and cause you to hallucinate it all!"

The two children looked at each other knowingly, smiled, and turned back to the third child.

"Will you let us take you in a Roaring Bird of Flight?"

"I think not!" said the third child. "The folly that man makes most is the trust of nature! Is poison ivy good for you?? How about snake venom??"

The two children reply, "You speak so much but say so little, someone who truly understands language says very little indeed. Now stop trying to grab your own hand!"

"Your words are preposterous, you lack any attachment to this lovely abstract reality WE have created! Why have you left? Why are you devolving? Why are you returning to the earth??"

The two children pursed their lips, then said,

"If you can not see your pain, do you tell yourself it is not real? Surely you can not pick your pain up, touch it and make it physical in this realm. You would not argue that it's real, but it is so only for you. Should no one else be concerned with your pain, since they can not feel or see it?"

The third child thought for a moment.

"I suppose it is still real on some level. But what has that to do with anything?"

The two children said, "Pain is something that is not tangible, can not be seen or smelled, but must be experienced to reach understanding. Things that can be experienced but what our language is not able to
convey, rendering it nonexistent to any mind until it is experienced."

"You would have us leave our technology!" accused the third child.

"Technology, is from nature."

The third child sneered, "Preposterous! It is made by man!"

"And where does man come from?" quietly asked the two children.

"Well, nature, I guess" said the third child.

"Like the pine cones that fall from up high, every part and action is in the nature of the cone."

"Ok ok so then what are you selling? Who are you killing? What's your motive?! Why the birds?!" creaked the third child.

The two children giggled and said, "You approached us. We did not insist you join or make promises to you. You have the issues, you ask the questions. Our legs are tired and the Lillie's are whispering its nearly time to go! We've very much enjoyed your company and we will miss you!"

And with that, the two children were gone.

© 2013 StrangeCaraway

Author's Note

Kind of a stream without a premise. It's here because it was fun :)

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Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

A wow of awe, in its true sense. Or wow in detest?

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Added on January 8, 2013
Last Updated on January 8, 2013
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