True friends

True friends

A Poem by Suchita

When in the journey of life, you become lost and forlorn
Like a pet or child
Thrown on the streets
When no-one can see the massive wreck you are
Shipwreck streaks
Living half-blind, wearing your favorite rose-tinted glasses
Seeing everything but roses at times
When all seems lost and desolate 
as if you’ve become an abandoned island
That’s when true friends appear
And enemies too
It’s scary as Halloween horror time
But not as wonderful just
That’s when true friends appear
To get you out of the lurking shadows
They never leave you
From that moment onwards
Sticking around like nature’s bounty
It never goes, whether you scream or shout
Sticking around like all your favorite things
If only they had voices
Their true selves’d be shown
Why you handle me as this and that
Who’d leave you and who’d not leave you alone
I say one who has a heart
You can tell the first time they see an animal
That’s the start
Of a friendship based on love
But some can accost you whether or not the above be true
They’ll come with roses at your doorstep 
Like love-inflicted friends
Everyday things will rearrange to take better shape
Like potter’s vessels in the day
And stay on and cook for you
Night and day
At night will cradle you to sleep
Like a mother her baby
They’ll make life a big secret garden for you
To admire with charms again
And fill your life with roses again and again
Even after some have long dried
Roses of color
Roses of honor
Roses of worship
Roses of blossoming friendship
Roses of love
Roses of pride
Roses from dust
They’ll plant these things in your life
So that anytime you feel like you can side, abide with them
By the rules of friendship
And loving and caring
What a heart that knows no bounds
Not just deep as the ocean
High as the sky
Mighty as a ship
Something you’d rather not skip
In your lifetime

© 2018 Suchita

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So much truth in this...worth reading slowly.....nice!!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 24, 2018
Last Updated on June 1, 2018



Gurgaon, NCR, India

the way we think and feel makes us a poet, writer, in the first place. The way we express our thoughts, feelings, observations completes the process. I feel everyone can be a writer if they connect .. more..