A Poem by Dreamer

I have dreamed
More than I would allow myself to recall 
Thinking of a time when my inner demons would be gone

Estimating my worth 
Have I been born as livestock on this earth
These are the thoughts that just wouldn't go away

Or.. do I fade away
Distant fairy tale, hoping to be brought to my senses
By the kiss of a prince who exists only in a dream

So you see, I can not wake up...yet

I can not lie
I see some concern flashing across those faces
But... where does it start and how quickly does it end.

They do not understand
Urging me to climb out of my wonders
But I have lost my string among the clouds and Tinker bell's dust. 

Learning to trust 
Only the un-trustworthiness of the super villain 
If I may say to you, job well done. 

For the hate of complex ties

I'd engage you 
But while my dignity has been shallow
Why urge you to stay when your steps had been planted from day one  

© 2013 Dreamer

Author's Note

If you read it, let me know what you think. thanks

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I read this in the morning before school, but had no time to comment, sorry about that.
I have to say that the second stanza really stood out to me,

"Estimating my worth
Have I been born as livestock on this earth
These are the thoughts that just wouldn't go away"

That is a thought which has run through my mind (and undoubtedly the minds of many others) more times than I care to remember, and even when I think I have the answer, I always end up thinking about it, our purpose here on earth. Some may find it presumptuous, but I don't think that we humans are just 'cattle' or just 'another animal' here on earth, for I do not see any other animal with a mind like ours, with abilities like ours, with a history like ours. In many ways, we are the best, but in the same way, that also makes us the worst, and I have no time to go into details (and I don't think this is the right place really)
So yeah, I really like that stanza, really thought provoking. I'm not going to claim that I completely understand the poem, I've studied poetry, but I am not much of an analyser really, but the poem does have a feel, a mood to it, and this one has a slight anger, a tinge of sadness, an indignation, as if an explanation is owed, and a certain hint of cynicism.
Great poem! (Just as a side note, I do like the way you structured it with the 3-3-3-1 stanza structure, well thought out)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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