Letter to God

Letter to God

A Poem by Dreamer

The battle is never easy...


Dear God,


I'm looking in the mirror

Im catching glances of You there


Where is the light?

There is a glimmer


These eyes are always wet when the lights flash on


The spirit is calling You (screaming at me saying "Come worship!"

I pray Your lampstand remains...

I need the light for direction.

So I repent and yet I fall again,

So I repent and yet I fall again...


Hear those lies, "It is over!"

But I see the blood all over me

I see that the Spirit remains

I hear you say "Come unto me"


Were lies once water drops long ago?

For it hovers like clouds over head.

The road gets narrower as this journey continues

Must I travel here alone...

I open mouth to worship, to praise but I am lost


I need Your light to shine deeper

But it is not up to You is it?

I must dig deeper

Understanding and Wisdom I cherish in this time.


Climb on...

My legs grow stronger

This journey is never easy but the task becauses easier to bare.

Inspiration from the sins your carried...

I push on

 Your love knows no bounds

I push on

 Push on until I am at the place where we shall say

"Hallelujah!" day and night

I push on, You are my most stable supporter

 - THE SOUL thrives- He shall not forsake us

Your love,

Your mercies

Your grace

Your son

I'll push on

Im Your arms You shall embrace me

There I shall find my happiness, my love and my peace.


Until we meet again,

Your creation



© 2011 Dreamer

Author's Note

HE SHALL NOT FORSAKE US :) Love to each one of you :)

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Brilliant. You have captured something which any believer (whether Christian, Muslim or Jew) in God can understand and relate to, even if particular beliefs are not necessarily the same the outward and general message is one.
A great poem, and yes, He shall never forsake the faithful and true :D

Posted 12 Years Ago

I love this letter. Everything you say is true he will not forsake us!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Beautifully states our thoughts as we struggle and suffer pushing on in divine determination and yeilding so that we can get comfort from God.

Posted 12 Years Ago

A beautiful and positive poem. We need faith and hope to survive in a life. I like the positive ending to a outstanding poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on December 21, 2011
Last Updated on December 21, 2011



Private, Trinidad and Tobago

guys pleaseeeeeeee send me a message introducing yourselves and pleaseeeee send me a message if you want me to read something. Im really trying to keep up with those Read Request okay. thankss :) more..

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