In Two Minds

In Two Minds

A Story by Sush Krish

An article about my ever varying emotions towards my school stationery and books.



I feel ecstatic as I inscribe my name on my new books, marking them as my belongings.


Before every new academic session, the new books, school bag and stationary excite me. The appealing smell of the fresh pages, the rustling sound as the pages are flipped, the sensation of writing with a new fountain pen and the pleasure of carefully setting it all in a brand new bag is just inexplicable. As I go through the books, I look forward to all the knowledge they have to offer.


This delight and eagerness is short-lived.


As a few weeks pass into the new session, the very same books become the cause of my trauma. The appealing smell of the pages gets worn out. The rustling sound is not welcome as it is a reminder of the pending schoolwork to do. Writing becomes a pain because it seems like there is an unending list of assignments to be completed.

The once exciting school-articles become dreaded objects. 


As we are nearing the end of another academic session, the final examination around the corner is only cementing this dreadful feeling.


I now await the day when I can set aside all my books, sell off my notebooks to the kabadiwala  and enjoy the short vacation. And not to forget, the rhapsodic feeling of entering a new year and the replay of the varying emotions.



© 2010 Sush Krish

Author's Note

Sush Krish
kabadiwala (hindi) - is a person who makes a living by buying old newspapers/ notebooks are low price and selling off the paper to make a profit.

Thank You for reading. I am looking forward for reviews!

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This is so true!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Oh this was indeed a very pleasurable piece. I too, love the smell of new stationary and the appealing sight of new pens. This reminded me of a younger me who treasured all her notebooks filled with stories, no matter how worn they might be. I still have most of them wrapped in tight plastic covers. Haha I really enjoyed this piece. For the memories it brought me and the thoughts of contradiction it possessed in the end.
Btw, I'm Indian too. But I dont know what kabadiwalla was. My hindi sucks. I thought kabadi was a game of some sort.
Haha anyway, great work. Will read more from you soon =]

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on June 2, 2010
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