Bad Girl

Bad Girl

A Story by Ta_Kiya

Long days. Long nights
Our Loving Turns Into Fights
Heart Pain, Love Lost
All Bad Things Comes With A Cost
F**k Haters, They'll Always Hate
Can't Ever Go Forward Without Fate
I Miss You But I Don't Show It
Cause If I Do I'll Show Weakness
Gotta Keep Strong Or I'll Lose
And I Don't Wanna Lose To Win
I Wanna Win All The Time And I Don't Wanna Cry And Then Smile I'll Love To Smile All The Time
If I Could Only Find Mr.Right
I Just Might,
Might Be Good

I Wish Everyday that i could be good buts it like all bad things attract me Hmmm its funny how life goes ... People say we chose the path to walk down but honestly the path chooses us.

My life isn't a fairytale it doesn't have a happy ending .... I always taught all good things comes to an end that's why when everything is going good i know its to good to be true so i push the person away or remove myself from them.
My dad was never around most of the time in my life,he was a drug addict and there is only two memories i remember of my mother, the day when i turned five and she came to my birthday party and the day i went to her funeral when i was seven and a half. My grandma took me in and everything was going good but as i said all good things must come to an end ..... I'll never forget the days we had together R.I.P Grandma.

*9 years later*

I changed from good to bad since my grandma die and i kept getting worse each and everyday but i didn't give a flying f**k hahahahaha nobody gave a f**k about me so i didn't care about anybody after all i was lied to, abandoned and raped by my uncle and he was the only family i had so i had no choice but to take what i got and all i got was pain and scars.

"What the f**k did i tell you about bring people over when am not here," Uncle Ramy said

"(rolling eyes) What the f**k did i tell you about cursing me m**********r, is you loosing your mind or something steupzz n***a please, get the f**k out my face"

I talked to him however i liked because i knew exactly what he want from me and it was only one way he was going to get it and that was my way.

I am a bad girl there is no good left inside me. In school i earn my cash, sex isn't free when it comes to me, i don't care if its oral or not once am getting my money am good.
Happy endings i never have it 
tried so hard to develop it
everything good in my life is gone
the big heart i once had is now torn
am just hoping i wouldn't be here forever
maybe one day i'll be someone better

© 2014 Ta_Kiya

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Added on August 23, 2013
Last Updated on June 13, 2014



Arima, Baptist , Trinidad and Tobago

Hi my name is Afiya but i rather use Ta_Kiya, Ta_Kiya is also my real name but its like this Takiya. I love writing poems I guess it's like a whole new way to express myself. I am average height, brow.. more..

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