A Poem by Ta_Kiya

Am loyal to him so I taught he would have been loyal to me 
‘Cause I swore I wouldn’t go through that **** again
But whatever had happened was for the best
But I went through so much pain
‘Cause I found out it was all a game
I wish you could have been loyal to me
And both our names would have been loyalty 
Actually I really love the pain
Because that’s the only way I know it’s real,
It’s weird but it’s true
I love feeling that pain from you.
You see they may not understand
But I love the way you lie
And make me believe that everything is true,
I love the way you cheated
And make me believe I was the one and only
And it’s funny,
Because I taught of cheating to 
But then I remembered loyalty
Wish you had remembered it to.
I fed-up told you not to trust too easy and love too easy
But you never listened; you just fall in love too easy and get hurt too easy,
Too bad reality don’t sink in until it’s over
Blinded by love and still there’ll never be closure,
It seems like love is just a word without meaning
You should have known you should have known it would have ended.
And am mad at you, which mean am mad at me 
For being a victim again in this tragedy love story
But I love the pain
It may be a different guy
But it always turns out to be the same thing,
You see every time I taught it was real
It’s weird but it’s true,
I love feeling that pain
Cause I always end up saying ‘I Love You.’

© 2014 Ta_Kiya

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Added on May 19, 2014
Last Updated on May 19, 2014



Arima, Baptist , Trinidad and Tobago

Hi my name is Afiya but i rather use Ta_Kiya, Ta_Kiya is also my real name but its like this Takiya. I love writing poems I guess it's like a whole new way to express myself. I am average height, brow.. more..

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