The Great Strong Ant

The Great Strong Ant

A Story by Alex Figueroa

My try at a child's story!


One afternoon, a cold afternoon, a blue ant named Jeffery was on his walk outside the colony. He had been walking for a couple of feet in the same direction for which seemed like miles! He scurried through tall blades of grass, his own little jungle adventure he thought. He was on an important mission; a couple of snowflakes had already begun to fall so it was surely going to be winter soon and this ant needed food to share with his whole giant family! Once he began this journey into the world he happened to trip over a very large pebble and he fell to the floor, when he opened his eyes, he saw this huge crumb from the crust of a left over pepperoni pizza slice. His eyes looked at it with such delight, believing he was the best ant and most lucky, with his super strength he tugged and dragged it across the floor back home! At first he only showed it to his father and best friend, but when he called for his father to help him out his best friend got jealous and turned around to tell the other ants, especially the Queen, that Jeffery had hit the jackpot and was planning to have all to himself! Angry and frustrated, the Queen both banished Jeffery along with his father AND took ownership of the crumb. Jeffery had no choice but to leave and his father too, as they left the colony Jeffery’s friend had a big smile on his face because he thought he had won, but what nobody else knew was that the Queen’s daughter had also seen the crumb being shown to Jeffery’s friend also. She leaped in front of the angry crowd and urged them to listen to her as Jeffery and his father kept on walking, to sad to even look back. She told the colony that it was actually Jeffery’s friend that wanted the crumb all to himself and that it was Jeffery that wanted to share. Andy, Jeffery’s ex- friend, accused the Queen’s daughter of being with the “traitors” and suggested that she should be kicked out too, but as we all know the Queen didn’t like that idea one bit. Instead she had Andy banished and Jeffery welcomed back as a big hero, the colony carried Andy and tossed him out and pulled Jeffery back along with his father. Andy was forced to handle winter all by himself while Jeffery got to have Andy’s hole and got the attention of the Princess, who soon became his girlfriend because being a big hero has its perks! All through winter they feasted upon THE GREAT CRUMB, everyone was fed fully and everyone was kept comfortable until next winter. Andy was never heard from again, yet Jeffery’s trial became a legend within the colony and they lived happily ever after!

© 2011 Alex Figueroa

Author's Note

Alex Figueroa
This is a story I told my wife to keep her entertained one night and she believes it was good enough to become a children's bedtime story =] again thanks baby!

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one less on the to-do list haha ;)

Posted 9 Years Ago

haha yes! i entertained you again! another job completed =]

Posted 9 Years Ago

lolz yay! =] another great re-telling! thnx babe!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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