August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012

A Chapter by Anonymous Girl

Life is mean to her...


August 28, 2012

Hey Tul,


We are leaving today. This was the best city I have ever lived in. It was a dream city and leaving it is like waking up from a dream. I never want it to end. But life can be cruel. It just can't give it up, can it?

Leeds, leading everyone somewhere but staying in its place. Now its leading me. Leading me to a future which I think won't turn out to be good. I don't know... My heart says dont go but my reality suggests to go because thats where I am going to go anyway. I dont know but my reality is much, much more stronger than my heart. Nothing is in my grip but my own decisions. Everything else is decided by Dad, head of the family. I am just nothing at the moment but an ordinary girl who just dreams those dreams that are out of this world and with impossible chances that they will EVER come true.


At the moment I am sitting in the train, going to Luton. Yup, you had it; we are going to Luton. Its not as beautiful as Leeds but it's somewhere to live. That's where my cousins live. Just two of my uncles, my mum's brothers. We are moving there. I am looking forward to it but I am not ready for it because something is telling me that I'll have to suffer through some ignorance later on when we start to actually LIVE here.

Just some minutes ago I was talking to one of my cousins, Katie, who I sometime love and hate, am best friends with and enemy, good and bad with. But no matter what happens, we always end up sharing jokes and have a laugh at. But this time something is different, very different.

Fifteen minutes ago I was talking to her. A week ago I got to know that the stupid cousin of her, Simon, (who is biggest enemy of mine now..) told her everything what I told him. One of my cousins, back from where I am, likes her and I told Simon everything that I knew because of something he told me that had put me off my mood and in a fit of rage I told him everything. But I regret it now. I regret for what I did. I regret that I trusted that busted idiot! I regret everything. That's something that happens to me everyday.

Oh well... We were talking (me and Katie), about Simon threatening her that if she did something to him, for example annoy him, he'll tell her dad. I am worried that what if Simon tells my uncle (Katie's Dad), what if he spills the beans on purpose, WE WILL BE DOOMED! Thinking of it makes me insane. Other than Simon, it's me, Katie (the main girl who this is happening to..), Dorothy and another cousin of mine. Taylor He is three years younger than me; same age as Simon. He is really nice. Long time I haven't seen him. I never thought that something like this (the "happening" to Katie) would be happening in real life, especially in my life...


It's a dream, isn't it? As soon as I will step off this train and set my steps on the floor of Stevenage, everything will fade away from my eyes. The dream will end then and there. I have got to be happy to let it go because who knows that later in life I might get to live it again. One more chance of living? We'll see. I am looking forward for it to vanish.


Back to Katie. She is so angry at me and would definitely be cursing me sitting on that couch in that idiot Simon's house. God forgive me for what I did. Dorothy was a bit mad on me that I told Simon everything but then she was back to normal with me. Todd is the guy; the guy who likes Katie. He honestly is a JERK!! THE BIGGEST ONE!! He dislikes me. Is mine and everyone's cousin (except Simon's)... and is a pain in the back... I dislike him as well...


Can we move on from him? I seriously don't want to talk about it. But might explain it later on... Very very clearly.. :)


Now that we are going to Luton, I will look forward to live the life that I never would've have imagined of... But I still am thankful to God for letting me live the life that I didn't imagine but still He let me live it.


There is something that I wanted to share:

It is slowly going by.

Away I am moving.

As my foot will set down,

Everything would flash away.

Before my eyes.


Oh well Tulip. That's it for today... Will look forward to write on you.

You've always been here for me and I'll be always there for you.


Never Or Ever But Always And Forever,


© 2013 Anonymous Girl

Author's Note

Anonymous Girl
This is the first chapter...
Thank You..
I hope you like it ^^

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I really like it!! ^.^
Keep going! :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

Anonymous Girl

11 Years Ago

Thanks... Will do ^^
Interested to see where this is going. Its pretty good.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Anonymous Girl

11 Years Ago

I haven't decided yet where it will go.. but it will end as something..
Thanks for the review .. read more

11 Years Ago

Lol. Very nice.
Welcome :3
Anonymous Girl

11 Years Ago


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Anonymous Girl

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