A Poem by Tashida

Was going through some of my older works and found this. It's one of the first poems I wrote when I was first getting into poetry.

Writing is a form of expression

It is the stage on which one may unleash their creative passion

Writing is a voice for those too shy to speak

It is an art form that is to be taken seriously

One may write for many reasons.

Whether it may be to entertain, persuade, or say the words your lips don't dare to speak.

Writing gives every individual an opportunity

To express their deepest and innermost feelings

So write something --

Be it a poem, a song, or a story

and watch your words flow in a never ending string

But no matter what reason or style your writing may be

One can always be sure of one thing:

Writing may provide the loudest voice

All without actually saying a thing!

© 2016 Tashida

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Feel free to comment :)

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This was such a brilliant, brilliant piece andso true for many writers. There are a lot of writers which are introverts and struggle with the social side of life. But that doesn't mean to say hey havent got a voice. Like you say in this poem - Writing may provide the loudest voice them all -

All without actually saying a thing!

This is so true for many writers.

Those 2 lines, really say a lot. And when our pen hits the paper, and we work hard at it, then beautiful creations can be formed. The lines which you have used in this piece are well thought out and have a lot of meaning behind them. Writing is HARD to do , to create a perfect scene or emotion, to draw the reader into your work is difficult. But with this piece, you have done just that. Its very well written and many will relate.

As always, good work Tashida.
Your words most certainly did do the talking for you.
Great piece.


Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Thank you so much Mark :) And as always, your review means a lot. I'm soooo glad you enjoyed :)
I'll comment since it's free ! ;p

Even the seasoned writer needs to read this - if only to remember why they are doing it - not for the money, fame or ego but the love of putting their words down. You clearly love writing - it shines out of this like the sun's rays Tashida.
Nicely done my friend.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago


Thank you 4 the comment :) And i really do love it. I'm not good at speaking but .. read more

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