The Tragedy Of The Gray Knight's Army

The Tragedy Of The Gray Knight's Army

A Story by Taylor Jackson

This is the story of the fall of the Gray Knight's Army. Tricked by a mad mad seeking immortality.

Within the land of Harrysfort, a pestilence took root 
And day by day, despite dismay, death swept hand and foot. 
Now one would think a horrors tale of a sickness such as this
But truth be told, a wizards hold, was on the town that would not submit.

Now within the town of Harrysfort, was man of righteous heart
Had heard of a cure, and was glad sure, he wanted to play his part. 
For man was a Knight, the one Gray Knight, who led an army one-thousand fold
He was a humble man, and would gladly stand, with the men that these stories had told. 

For now there was a mighty band of worriers to find the cure
but their battle now was with their own ground, and the King the idea to lure.

For there was a King, an "Immortal King" that believed the sickness through
But the King's desire for lust and power would bring tragedy absolute. 

Now before the Knight brought chivalry and hope the the King's front gate
Did the Wizard walk through corridors dark and meet the King the previous day.
This Wizard spoke of wonders that the King fell wondrous for
But the Wizard warned, the "immortal King", of a sacrificial chore.

Now this King was once a mighty man, for love his people knew
But with his age, and minds decay, desperation in him grew.
For the Kind sought life, an immortal life, despite what ties he'd lose
Now the lives he knew, he would sacrifice few, so the Wizard he didn't refuse..

To be Continued..

© 2019 Taylor Jackson

Author's Note

Taylor Jackson
As always this was for fun...actually just thought of this while in the shower. Thought I'd put it down.

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Added on October 5, 2019
Last Updated on October 5, 2019
Tags: Fairytale, Sony, Adventure, Tragedy, Army, Knights, Fantasy, Fable


Taylor Jackson
Taylor Jackson

Dallas, TX

Hello, my name is Taylor Jackson. I have been writing stories untold for some time and now I am putting them into your hands. I hope you enjoy them and can wait for feedback. Thanks! If you don't enjo.. more..