A Story by Taymour

Fear of ....


Yes I am.
I’m too ugly that you can’t stare at me continuously for three minutes.
A terrible childhood to be brought up with all this hate by others.
Nobody wants to see you, to be near to you; even your parents treat you very carefully with strange smell of disgust.

I saw myself one time, I gazed one time only in the mirror.
Just one time in my whole twenty seven years
I remember that accident when I saw myself in one of the mirrors in our home.
I was five years old, I felt shocked, then I started to sweat and felt so dizzy then…..blackout.
The doctor told my parents that his face will make such a problem to his inner feelings.
He must not be exposed to any kind of reflecting surfaces.

I hated myself, I hated my image, that horrible portrait that I can’t bear, that I terribly fear.
When I see a mirror in any place, I begin to feel that nausea, I turn to blue and it’s really hard to breathe.
I used to have terrible view; I can’t care about my face or my hair
Although I was born with a slight disease in my eyes, I couldn’t wear glasses in order not to see my reflected image on the lenses by any chance.

I remember my friends " they called themselves so " took me once to a place that they told me it is so wonderful and I will feel much better.
They told me to close my eyes for a minute.
I opened my eyes to feel the pain
Mirrors are everywhere
In front, in back, in the ceiling, on the ground
I’m trapped
It’s a mirrors house
It was the most horrible real nightmare I’ve ever suffered
Ten seconds and I couldn’t feel my legs
After that accident I kept in my room trying to avoid any single mirror in the world.

My hate to this image becomes a maximum, I must find a way

Should I kill this image?
This horrible creature that make them afraid of me
I won’t be able to face it, I’m too weak but I must try.
I will conquer it and live the rest of my life in peace and serenity

I decided to go outside and face the huge mirror in the hall
I will beat this image and live free
I stood far from the mirror about seven meters away
Start to look gradually to this ugly image

It is you or me in this world
No place for both of us
I will kill you
I swear I will
And then with the fastest speed I can go, I run towards it

Towards the mirror.

© 2010 Taymour

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Freaking brilliant work. I shed tears ):

Posted 14 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on January 27, 2010
Last Updated on January 27, 2010
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Cairo, Heliopolis, Egypt

so moody character, hesitating, and lonely... I like psychology, i like knowing much further about human soul, and how it reacts... I'm always laughing and being in a good mood with my friends. .. more..

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